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Members of the School are actively involved in a diverse range of research areas in the Earth & Environmental Sciences, as members of GeoQuEST Research Centre, Centre for Archaeological Science and the Wollongong Isotope Geochronology Laboratory. Our research areas include: 

  • Long-term environmental changes during the past 2.6 million years
  • Coastal and marine environmental ecology, geology and geochemistry
  • Quaternary geochronology
  • Human interactions with the environment, past and present
  • Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing
  • Environmental remediation
  • Archaeology and archaeological science

 The School has a long-standing record of research support in these areas funded from National Competitive Grant Schemes and other funding sources.

Featured Research 
Zenobia Jacobs; Bert Roberts; dating of archaeological deposits; UOW
Pair honoured for their research into archaeological dating

Two leading scientists have been honoured for their research in the dating of archaeological deposits.

Multinational mass media and information firm, Thomson Reuters, yesterday (23 June) presented a Citation Award to two leading scientists from the UOW's Centre for Archaeological Science (CAS).

CAS is dedicated to the development and application of modern scientific techniques to answer fundamental questions about human evolution by analysing the material remains of past human life and activities. 

Distinguished Professor Richard (Bert) Roberts and Associate Professor Zenobia Jacobs received the award for their research in ‘luminescence dating of archaeological deposits’. UOW Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation), Professor Judy Raper, was a guest at the award ceremony held at the University of Melbourne.

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Last reviewed: 12 October, 2017