Why Study With Us?

Why Study Earth and Environmental Science?

The Earth and Environmental Sciences represent the pinnacle of scientific endeavour. This diverse discipline addresses some of the most challenging questions science has to offer:

  • How old is planet Earth and how did it form?
  • What were the causes of mass extinctions and how safe is the future for humans on planet Earth?
  • When will the next Ice Age begin?
  • Why is there water on the surface of the Earth?
  • What are the most challenging environmental issues that at present confront Australia and how will they be resolved?
  • How did life on Earth begin and when did humans appear on the planet?

Geographers, geologists and environmental scientists investigate many of the major environmental issues facing the world today, and are the best qualified to provide informed comment on how to manage the environment. Examples of important issues within the purview of our discipline include the exploration for new energy resources vital for human society, the safe use of natural resources, environmental monitoring, and management, and issues relating to human well-being in society.

A career in the Earth and Environmental Sciences provides you with the opportunity for outdoor activities, exploration and travel, use of geographic information systems and remote sensing, as well as activities in environmental management, policy formulation and strategic planning.

Take the challenge, study Earth and Environmental Sciences and help change the world!
Last reviewed: 27 April, 2017