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SAL Research Project Support

If you are a School of Earth, Atmospheric and Life Sciences researcher, registering your project with SAL will enable SAL staff to provide advice and technical support that is relevant to your research activities.

Registration is simple, takes only a few minutes and can be done online.

Once your application has been processed, we will contact you to arrange a meeting to go over your data and technology needs. We recommend that you start thinking about metadata from the beginning of your project. Collecting the details for each of your critical datasets as you go is much easier than trying to remember what you did when you are writing your research up for submission or publication.

Once your project is registered, you have the option of completing a Project Support Plan. Through this process, we can:

  • arrange a shared folder for use by your research team
  • help you to identify which SAL resources you need and how to give your research the best chance of having them available when you need them
  • help you to order/access datasets for your research from external suppliers and government agencies
  • help you to identify which datasets might be of critical importance from your research
  • provide advice and tips on ways to manage your spatial data through the research process.

If you are not a SEALS researcher, we can only offer 'best effort' support. If we have data and your research meets the requirements of the associated data licence(s), we are happy to make what we can available. If you have a special request or need technical support we may not be able to meet your needs - especially not at short notice.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of a formal arrangement to secure SAL Support for your research project, please contact us.

Last reviewed: 15 January, 2019