Research science internships

Are you keen to earn credit points towards your Science electives?

Have you considered enrolling in one of our Research Internship subjects?

If you are in your second or third year and you have a WAM of 70 or better, then you are eligible to apply for a Science Research Internship which will give you the opportunity to gain experience at the bench or in the field working alongside active researchers in the Faculty.


  • The prerequisites for SCIE292 are 48 credit points, including 24 credit points of Science Schedule subjects or equivalent with a WAM of 70 or better

Requirements of a Science Research Internship

The basic components of an Internship are as follows:

  • Completion of OH&S induction and risk assessment for work to be conducted.
  • SCIE292 students commit to completing 100 hours of laboratory and/or field work.
  • Students are required to assess details of results and methods components of six research projects (research seminars, posters, or published papers) and record them in their workbook.
  • Students will complete an end-of-project paper critically reflecting on outcomes in relation to research objectives set at start of internship.

How to Organise a Science Research Internship

Identify an Academic Staff member whose research interests appeal to you. Contact the staff member to see if they would be interested in supervising an internship for you.  Download the Science Research Internship - Information and Application Form and prepare a plan for your Internship with your supervisor. Complete the Internship form (2 page attachment), get it signed off by your supervisor(s) and the relevant Head of School. Submit your copy of the application at StudentHub 41 (located in the main foyer of building 41) together with an Academic Approval Subject Addition Form available at StudentHub 41 or at this link Add Subject - Faculty Approval Form.

Your application will be assessed by the Associate Dean (International) and, if approved, forwarded to Student Central. 

Last reviewed: 10 December, 2018