School Contact Details

Building 41

T: +61 2 4221 3721
F: +61 2 4221 4250

School of Earth & Environmental Sciences
University of Wollongong
Northfields Avenue

Campus Location Map (Building 41)
SMAH Course Advisors Contact List  

Academic Staff

Head of School
Prof Allen Nutman

Emeritus Professors
Prof Allan Chivas
Prof John Morrison
Prof Gerald Nanson
Prof Murray Wilson

Professors & Professorial Fellows
Prof Richard Fullagar
Prof Paul Goldberg
Prof Zenobia Jacobs
Prof Richard (Bert) Roberts
Prof Colin Murray-Wallace
Prof Colin Woodroffe 

Associate Professors & Principal Fellows
Professor Tim Barrows
A/Prof Paul Carr
A/Prof Laurie Chisholm
A/Prof Tim Cohen
A/Prof Tony Dosseto
A/Prof Christopher Fergusson
A/Prof Brian Jones
A/Prof Bo Li
A/Prof Helen McGregor
A/Prof Kerrylee Rogers

Senior Lecturers & Senior Fellows
Dr Solomon (Sol) Buckman
Dr Alexandru T (Tibi) Codilean
Dr Jenny Fisher
Dr Sarah Hamylton
Dr Alex Mackay
Dr Samuel Marx
Dr Gerrit van den Bergh

Lecturers & Fellows
Dr Christopher Ames
Dr Rafael Cabral Carvalho
Dr Nicolas Flament
Dr Xiao Fu
Dr Reka-Hajnalka Fulop
Dr Nathan Jankowski
Dr Sam Lin
Dr Susan (Suz) Luong
Dr Michael Morley
Dr Jun Peng (Visiting Lecturer)
Dr Linda Prinsloo
Dr Thomas Sutikna
Dr Dominique Tanner
Dr Lloyd White

Honorary & Visiting Fellows
Dr Yasir Alyazichi (Honorary Fellow)
Dr Sarmad Asi Ali (Senior Honorary Fellow)
Dr Maelis Arnould (Honorary Fellow)
Dr Emma Asbridge (Associate Research Fellow)
Dr John Bradd (Principal Honorary Fellow)
Prof Robert Bourman (Visiting Professorial Fellow)
Dr Adam Brumm (Honorary Senior Fellow)
Prof Christopher Clarkson (Hon Professorial Fellow)
Dr Florian Dux (Honorary Fellow)
Prof John Dodson (Honorary Professorial Fellow)
Dr Amy Dougherty (Honorary Fellow)
Dr Alexander Francke (Visiting Fellow)
Dr Philomena Gangaiya (Honorary Fellow)
Dr Adriana Garcia (Honorary Fellow)
Dr Richard Gillespie (Visiting Fellow)
Dr Avijit Gupta (Honorary Princial Fellow)
Dr Elspeth (Ebbe) Hayes (Honorary Research Fellow)
Mr Muatasam Hassan (Honorary Fellow)
Dr Susan Hayes (Honorary Fellow)
Dr Carl Hopely (Honorary Fellow)
Dr Jatmiko (Visiting Principal Fellow)
Dr Stephanie Kermode (Honorary Fellow)
Dr Anna Maria (Ania) Kotarba-Morley (Honorary PDRA)
Mr Errol McLean (Honorary Principal Fellow)
Prof Mohssen Moazzen (Visiting Professorial Fellow)
Dr Rowena Morris (Honorary Fellow)
Dr Henry Munack (Honorary Fellow)
Dr Beleed Saleh (Honorary Associate Fellow)
Dr Emanuel Wahyu Saptomo (Visiting Principal Fellow)
Dr Andrew Short (Honorary Principal Fellow)
Prof Surinder Singh (Honorary Professorial Fellow)
Prof Claudio Tuniz (Visiting Professorial Fellow)
Dr Megan Williams (Honorary Fellow)
Prof Neil Williams (Honorary Professorial Fellow)
Dr Anthony Wright (Honorary Principal Fellow)
Dr Iradj Yassini (Honorary Senior Fellow)   

Professional Staff

School Administration / Enquiries
Ms Denise Alsop
Complete Faculty Administration Listing 

Technical Services Manager
Mrs Julie Gray

Student Liaison
Mrs Marina McGlinn (Mon-Wed) +61 2 4221 4396

Technical Staff
SAL Manager
Ms Heidi Brown

Sample preparation
Mr José Abrantes

Geochronologist & AAR Laboratory support
Dr Terry Lachlan

Fieldwork technical engineer and driller
Mr Brent Peterson

Science Teaching Facility B43 Technical Support
Mrs Kellie Rodgers

Geochemistry Laboratory support
Dr Lili Yu

Geological curator / teaching laboratory support
Ms Penny Williamson

BEnvSc Program support
Mrs Marina McGlinn

Geochemistry / mass spectrometry support
Mr David Wheeler

Technical Officers
Ms Yasaman Jafari
Mr Kristian Kumbier

Last reviewed: 10 October, 2018