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Donation of petroleum industry software suite for use by earth science students 

Students studying earth sciences at the University of Wollongong will be able to access software widely used by the petroleum industry thanks to Petroleum Experts Ltd (Petex), who have donated 10 licences of the MOVE software suite. The commercial equivalence of this donation to the University of Wollongong is £1,308,000.00 (~$2.2 million AUD).

The MOVE package allows users to build 3D models of the subsurface and calculate how much deformation has occurred in a region (due to plate tectonic movements). One of its main uses is to model what rocks looked like before they were deformed. The software is widely used in petroleum exploration, but is equally applicable to those interested in mineral and groundwater exploration – the software will therefore be a valuable tool for students wishing to pursue careers in these fields.

Dr Lloyd White from UOW's School of Earth and Environmental Sciences says "the software will be an excellent resource for undergraduate and postgraduate research”.

“While the software is designed for petroleum exploration, it can also simply be applied to understand more about the 3D geometry of the ground beneath our feet.”

“We also plan to use the software to generate 3D geological models from data collected on GPS enabled tablets in the field"

Earth science students will be able to take advantage of the software from December 2018. 

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