School of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Avijit GuptaDr Avijit Gupta

Honorary Principal Fellow

Phone No:  +61 2 4221 5455

Professional Profile

Tropical rivers with high-magnitude floods and seasonal discharge, and environmental issues.

  • Honorary Principal Fellow, School of Earth & Environmental Sciences, University of Wollongong (since 2011)
  • Working as Visiting Senior Scientist, Centre for Remote Imaging, Sensing and Processing, National University of Singapore, since 1998
  • Prior University appointments in India, U.S.A., Singapore, and U.K.
  • Worked with International Association of Geomorphologists, International Geographical Union Commissions, and other organisations
  • PhD, Johns Hopkins University, U.S.A., 1973
Research Interest
  • High-magnitude floods and channel response 
  • Large rivers
  • Tropical rivers
  • Remote sensing geomorphology
  • Geomorphology and environmental evaluation

Current Projects 
  • Large rivers
  • Use of very high resolution images in fluvial geomorphology
  • Large floods in South and Southeast Asia 

Selected Key Publications

Searchable Publication List 

  • Liew, S.C., Gupta, A., Chia. A.S. and Ang, W.C. (2016) The flood of 2011 in the lower Chao Phraya valley, Thailand: Study of a long-duration flood through satellite imagery. Geomorphology, 262, 112-132.
  • Solikhin, A., Thouret, J.-C., Liew, S.C., Gupta, A., Sayudi, D.S., Oehler, J.-F. and Kassouk, Z.  (2015) High-spatial resolution imagery helps map deposits of the large (VEI 4) 2010 Merapi Volcano eruption and impact. Bulletin of Volcanology, 77:20, DOI 10.1007/s00445-015-0908-0.
  • Kassouk, Z., Thouret, J.-C., Gupta, A., Solikhin, A. and Liew. S.C. (2014) Object-oriented classification of a high-spatial resolution SPOT5 image for mapping geology and landforms of active volcanoes: Semeru case study, Indonesia. Geomorphology, 221, 18-33.
  • Thouret, J.-C., Oehler, J.-F., Gupta, A., Solikhin, A. and Proctor, J.N. (2014). Erosion and aggradation on persistently active-volcanoes – a case study from Semeru Volcano, Indonesia. Bulletin of Volcanology, 76:857, DOI 10.1007/s00445-014-0857-z.
  • Scatena, F.N. and Gupta, A. (2013) Streams of the montane humid tropics. In Treatise on Geomorphology (J. Shroder and E.Wohl, Eds.), vol. 9, San Diego: Academic Press, 595-611.
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Last reviewed: 21 June, 2016