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Sarah Hamylton

Sarah Hamylton

Phone:    + 612 4221 3589
Room:       B41.G34

  • Senior Lecturer

Professional Profile

Spatial analysis of coastal environments, including the application of GIS, GPS, Remote sensing and spatial statistics 

  • Prior appointments were in Australia and the UK. 
  • I have undertaken research in Fiji, Thailand, the Philippines, the Seychelles, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Belize, New Caledonia and Australia
  • PhD, University of Cambridge, U.K., 2010

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Research Interests 
  • The application of Geospatial technology (geographical information systems, geographical positioning systems and remote sensing).
  • Tropical coastal environments (coral reefs, mangroves, seagrasses).
  • I enjoy making maps and models that help us to further understand coastlines at the landscape scale. 

Current Projects 
  • Modelling the reticulate reefs of Cocos-Keeling atoll
  • Quantifying Carbonate production of the reef platforms in the Capricorn-Bunker Group, Great Barrier Reef
  • Dynamics of island flora, Great Barrier Reef
  • Modelling bathymetry of reef platforms, Lizard Island
  • Investigating relationships between wave energy and sediment transport at Lady Musgrave Island
  • Investigating reef island changes (at North Keeling, Sipadan, Low Isles) 

Potential Honours and PHD Topics 
  • Mapping, monitoring and modelling coral reefs and their sand cay islands
  • How art / science research collaborations in coastal mapping and spatial analysis can save the world
  • Mapping, monitoring and modelling the seafloor and island vegetation of the Five Islands Nature Reserve, Wollongong, NS
  • Monitoring the dynamics of reef islands in relation to sea level rise, wave energy and environmental changes
  • Mapping for conservation of coral reef systems
  • Mapping to explore carbonate dynamics on coral reefs: upscaling estimates of coral community carbonate production, budget estimates and environmental changes

  • Barnes, R.S.K, Hamylton, S.M. (2016) On the very edge: faunal and functional responses to the interface between seagrass and unvegetated sand, Marine Ecology Progress Series, 553: 33-48
  • Duce, S., Vila-Concejo, A., Hamylton, S.M., Webster, J., Bruce, E., and Beaman, R. (2016) A morphometric assessment and classification of coral reef spur and groove morphology, Geomorphology, accepted March 2016.
  • Doo, S., Hamylton, S.M., Byrne, M, Finfer, J. (2016) Spatial and temporal variation in reef-scale carbonate storage of large benthic foraminifera, Coral Reefs, 265: 68-83.
  • Shaw, E., Hamylton, S.M., Phinn, S (2016) Incorporating benthic community changes into hydrochemical-based projections of coral reef calcium carbonate production under ocean acidification. Coral Reefs, 35: 739 - 750
  • Adnan, F., Hamylton, S. & Woodroffe, C.D. (2016) A comparison of shoreline changes estimated using the base of beach and edge of vegetation line at North Keeling Island. Journal of Coastal Research,2016: 967-971.
  • Al-Nasrawi, A.K..M, Jones, B.G., Hamylton, S.M. (2016) GIS-based modelling of vulnerability of coastal wetland ecosystems to human modifications during sea level rise and eco-geomorphic sustainability: a case study from Comerong Island, southeastern Australia, Journal of Coastal Research. 2016: 33 - 37
  • Hamylton, S., Hedley, J, Beaman, R (2015) The derivation of high-resolution bathymetry from multispectral satellite imagery on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia: A comparison of empirical and optimization methods through a geographical error analysis, Remote Sensing, 7, 16257-16273.
  • Hamylton, S., Carvalho, R., Vila-Concejo, A., Duce, S., Roelfsema, R. (2015) Linking pattern to process in reef sediment dynamics at Lady Musgrave Island, southern Great Barrier Reef, Sedimentology,
  • Linklater, M., Brooke, B.P., Hamylton, S.M., Nichol, S.L. and Woodroffe, C.D., (2015) Submerged fossil reefs discovered beyond the limit of modern reef growth in the Pacific Ocean. Geomorphology, 246: 579-588.
  • Barnes, R.S.K. & Hamylton, S.M (2015) Uniform functional structure across spatial scales in an intertidal benthic assemblage. Marine Environmental Research 106: 82 - 91
  • Hamylton S & Puotinen, M (2015) A meta-analysis of reef island response to environmental change on the Great Barrier Reef. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms. DOI: 10.1002/esp.3694

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