School Contact Details

Building 41

T: +61 2 4221 3013
F: +61 2 4221 4135

School of Earth, Atmospheric and Life Sciences
University of Wollongong
Northfields Avenue

Honorary Appointments
Dr Michael Ashcroft (Visiting Fellow)
Dr Tony Auld (Honorary Professorial Fellow)
Dr Dana Bergstrom (Honorary Fellow)
Professor Jose Eduardo Pereira Wilken Bicudo (Visiting Professorial Fellow)
Dr Jessica Bramley-Alves (Honorary Associate Fellow)
Professor William Buttemer (Honorary Professorial Fellow)
Dr Scott Chambers (Honorary Associate Fellow)
Dr Stephanie Clark (Honorary Fellow)
Emeritus Professor Allan Chivas
Mr Andrew Denham (Honorary Senior Fellow)
Mrs Beatriz Duguy Pedra (Visiting Fellow)
Dr Ceridwen Fraser (Honorary Fellow)
Dr Ben Gooden (Honorary Fellow)
Professor Anthony Hulbert (Honorary Professorial Fellow)
Dr Ian Galbally (Honorary Professorial Fellow)
Dr Richard Gillespie 
Dr Alan Griffiths (Honorary Senior Fellow)
Dr Avijit Gupta (Honorary Fellow)
Dr Ruhi Humphries
Dr Ania Kortaba 
Professor Thomas Madsen (Honorary Professorial Fellow)
Dr Richard Major (Honorary Principal Fellow)
Dr Brandon Mahan (Visiting Associate Fellow)
Dr Jason McArthur (Honorary Senior Fellow)
Dr Khalia Monk (Honorary Fellow)
Emeritus Professor John Morrison
Emeritus Professor Gerald Nanson
Ms Patricia Nagle (Honorary Fellow)
Dr Terence O'Dwyer (Honorary Fellow)
Professor Mats Olsson (Honorary Professorial Fellow)
Dr David Padilla (Visiting Fellow)
Dr Frances Phillips (Honorary Senior Fellow)
Ms Rachel Przeslawski (Honorary Fellow)
Dr Ann Stavert (Honorary Fellow)
Dr Johanna Turnbull (Visiting Lecturer)
Dr Nsikanabasi Umo (Honorary Fellow)
Dr Alastair Williams (Honorary Principal Fellow)
Mrs Joy Williams (Honorary Fellow)
Professor Neil Williams (Honorary Professorial Fellow)
Dr Tony Wright (Honorary Principal Fellow)
Dr Philip Zylstra (Honorary Fellow) 

Last reviewed: 15 January, 2019