School Contact Details

Chemistry Building 18T: +61 2 4221 3509
+61 2 4221 4287

School of Chemistry and Molecular Bioscience
University of Wollongong
Northfields Avenue

Facility Managers
Dr James Bouwer (Cryro-EM Facility)
Dr Wilford Lie (NMR)
Dr Celine Kelso (Mass Spectrometry)

Principal Fellow
Associate Professor Lezanne Ooi

Research Fellows
Dr Martin Engel
Dr Harshad Ghodke
Dr Slobodan Jergic (VC Fellow)
Mr Jacob Lewis
Dr Diane Ly
Dr Natalie Matosin (NHMRC Early Career Fellow)
Dr Claire Stevens
Dr Kara  Vine
Dr Andrew Robinson
Dr Xingyong Wang (VC Fellow)
Dr Zhi-Qiang Xu

Associate Research Fellows
Dr Ashraf Aboelela
Dr Ramesh Ailuri
Dr Benjamin Buckley
Dr Mauricio Castro E Castro Cabral Da Silva
Dr Elise-Andree Guerette
Dr Amy McGrath
Dr Bishnu Paudel
Dr Ardeshir Rineh
Miss Lisanne Spenkelink
Mr Andrew Tague
Mr Thanaphat Thaima
Dr Steven Wales

Affiliated Staff
Dr Jody Moller

Honorary Appointments
Professor Renato Barboz (Visiting Fellow)
Dr Philip Barker (Honorary Principal Fellow)
Emeritus Prof John Bremner (Honorary Council Appointment)
Dr Fay Dawes (Honorary Associate Fellow)
Dr Merari Ramires Ferrari (Visiting Associate Fellow)
Associate Professor Ross Lilley (Honorary Principal Fellow}
Dr Jason McArthur (Honorary Senior Fellow)
Dr Garry Mockler (Honorary Fellow)
Professor Colin Sheppard (Honorary Professorial Fellow)
Dr Carola Thoni (Honorary Fellow)
Dr Amy Wyatt (Honorary Senior Fellow)

Administrative Assistant
Louisa Wildin

Technical Services Manager
Julie Gray

Team Leaders - Technical Services
Roger Kanitz
Ellen Manning
Laura Mothersdill
Carlee Mottley – Animal Facility

Technical Officers
Suzanne Curtis
Joe Daunt
Roza Dimeska
Holly Fry
Hairuddin (Din) Idris
Dr Alan Maccarone
Karin Maxwell
Margaret Phillips
Dr Stephen Poon

Animal Facility
Carlee Mottley (Acting Technical Coordinator)
Dr Amanda Guy-Chresby (Technical Coordinator)
Maria Catacouzinos
Shona Rankin-Lawless
Josh Snow

Honours Program Support
Julie-Ann Green

Research Professional Staff
Judith Carrall
Natalie Farrawell
Jody Gorman
Dr Claire Stevens

Last reviewed: 15 March, 2019