Teacher's Comments

Teachers' Comments

"I just wanted to write and let you know how wonderful the Science Fair was on Wednesday. Our kids had an absolute ball and learnt so much from the whole process. After running our own, smaller version of your fair for the past 2 years, I appreciate how much work goes into such an event. So, congratulations to you both. The day was so organised and well set out, and everybody was extremely helpful, especially the mentors."

"Congratulations on a great day yesterday. The students all had a fantastic time... it's so nice to see being good at science as cool!"

"On behalf of Year 8, I would like to thank you so much for organising this event. The kids were so excited & brought back great tales.  Even though we had to push these kids to go, it was well worth it.  They are now discussing what they are going to do for next year.  Hopefully this will bring a turn-around about the kids attitudes towards Science."

"Our lunchtime Science group "Fully Science" will become more research oriented from next year providing a place for students to extend school (and interest/hobby) research projects. They will be able to use our "Science Day" to teach others about their research with related hands on activities for class size groups."

Last reviewed: 3 June, 2016