How will I be Judged?

How Will I Be Judged?

Students will be given a score in five main areas. The marking guidelines for those areas are as follows:

1. Scientific Processes

  • Is there a clear aim and hypothesis?
  • Is there evidence of background research?
  • Does the experiment test what it is supposed to?
  • Have there been repetitions of the experiment?
  • Is there sufficient data to support the conclusion?
  • Have variables been identified?
  • Was it a fair test? i.e is there only one independent variable? Are all other variables controlled?
  • Have problems associated with the experiment been discussed and solutions suggested?
  • Are ideas for future research given?
  • Are references given?

2. Student Explanation

  • Is the student able to discuss and explain their project?
  • Can they explain things without reading from the board?
  • Are the students able to answer your questions?

3. Written Communication

  • Has the student expressed their ideas well in the written form?
  • Is the layout easy to read and to follow?
  • Are there spelling and grammatical errors?

4. Project Creativity

  • How creative is the student's project idea?
  • Has the student developed their project in an original and creative way?

5. Project Presentation

  • Has the project been presented in an appealing way?
  • Does the presentation make you want to know more about the project?

Hugh Gabor from Chevalier College explains his project: the effect of oestrogen on the ovotestis of the garden snail.
Judging of entrants.
Juding of entrants.