Preparing Display Boards

Preparing Display Boards

Display Boards

Now that you have written your work up as a scientific project, its time to present it on a display board for the Science Fair.

Display boards are made from sturdy corrugated cardboard and are available from your school. You can decorate your board by either drawing, pasting pictures, covering with fabric or painting the background. Do not use excessive amounts of watery paint as it will cause the cardboard to warp and lose its shape.

The board dimensions are:

  • Middle board: 91.4cm tall x 60.9cm wide
  • Side boards(2): 91.4cm tall x 30.5cm wide

Preparing Your Board

You've done your project, you did well, you're now the expert! Now you can tell the judges about it at the Science Fair! This is what to do next:

  1. Organise your work under headings (as described in Writing A Scientific Report).
  2. Copy and paste your text in under each heading.
  3. Posters need less words than reports, so go through the text and delete any unnecessary words e.g. change “the aim of the my project was to investigate …” to “Aim: To investigate…”
  4. Include diagrams and photos. Graphs are always better than tables.
  5. Enlarge the font to about 24pt, so it can be read from a distance.
  6. Layout: the suggested layout for the sections of your project is shown below.
  7. Cut out your work and stick it on your board with Bluetac. Does it look good? Ask for some feedback from a teacher or mentor on what you have included.
  8. Make some changes , see if they improve the poster – Science is all about trying new things.
  9. Decorate your poster with paint, pictures, a bright title etc.
  10. Complete the poster by sticking your sections to it.

Suggested display board layout

Displaying Your Board

Each student will have a desk on which to stand their display board.

  • You might like to bring along a table cloth to cover the desk.
  • You can bring along small items relevant to your project to sit on the desk in front of your display board.
  • Students may not bring live animals (not even if it’s a really cool animal).
  • Students wishing to bring a laptop must have it battery operated and no power cords. No responsibility will be taken for loss or damage to a laptop during the Science Fair.

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Last reviewed: 3 June, 2016