University of Wollongong Illawarra Coal Science Fair

Planning a Research Project

Here are the steps you will need to plan your research project.

  1. Find a topic to research
  2. Start a log book
  3. Do some reading and compile a list of at least three good references on the topic
  4. Come up with a question in that area
  5. Find a mentor
  6. State the hypothesis to be tested (In the format: If…then…because…)
  7. Write a proposal for an experiment to test the hypothesis, including Aim, Materials and Method. Include a discussion of variables - independent, dependent and controlled. Also include discussion of sample size.
  8. Check with your teacher that your proposal is okay before starting experimentation
  9. Think about how to collect results and have tables drawn up
  10. Plan how you will graph your results.
  11. Consider whether you will need to use statistics
  12. Start collecting information for your: Reference list, Acknowledgements, Introduction etc.
  13. Think about how to present the display board

1. Working together

2. Collecting Data

3. Back at the Lab

Last reviewed: 3 June, 2016