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Science, Medicine and Health (SMAH) at the University of Wollongong is a research-intensive faculty with vigorous programs in biological scienceschemistry, earth and environmental sciences, indigenous health, medical and exercise science, medicinenursing, and nutrition and dietetics

During the last five years, Faculty researchers have secured research and innovation income worth almost $100M on projects as diverse as investigations of human evolution out of Asia, understanding climate change through the measurement of greenhouse and other trace gases in the southern hemisphere, and investigating the fundamental processes of life, one molecule at a time, through single-molecule biophysics.  

The Faculty received the highest possible rating for its research quality (‘well above world standard’ - Excellence in Research for Australia Initiative) in many individual disciplines, as well as in the overall field of Chemical Sciences.

Antoine van Oijen
Filming how molecules behave is helping create new weapons in the war on infections and disease.

Old enemies are making a comeback. Diseases such as pneumonia, tuberculosis and malaria are stealing ground won over the past century. Antibiotics that help patients undergoing chemotherapy and routine surgery to fight infection are under threat.

The problem is antimicrobial resistance (AMR), where infections caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites don’t respond to common medicines that normally stop them in their tracks. The resistant strain grows and begins an inexorable spread.

A UK government-commissioned report on antimicrobial resistance released earlier this year estimated that about 700,000 people die each year from common bacterial infections that are now resistant to antibiotics. Read more..

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