Pre-Med FAQ

Bachelor of Pre-Medicine Science and Health FAQ

Why would you choose the Bachelor of Pre-Medicine, Science and Health as a pathway to graduate medical studies?

As a high-achieving student with a strong ambition to pursue a career in medicine, the course is designed to give you an excellent preparation for graduate medical studies at UOW or other institutions. The strengths of the course are:

  • A Foundations for GAMSAT subject in first year
  • A choice of one of eight possible majors or minors in science or health that lead to other postgraduate study and career paths whilst allowing you to concurrently pursue entry to graduate medical studies
  • Access to enrichment and professional development activities to enhance your interpersonal skills, demonstrate your ‘service to society’ and develop an impressive Portfolio which is required on application to graduate medical studies at UOW
  • A core capstone subject in third year - Integrated Science in Medicine - delivered in the same case-based learning format used by graduate medical schools, it brings together all your earlier learnings through clinical scenarios related to medicine and health
  • Guaranteed interviews for the top 12 performing domestic students and the top 12 performing international students who meet the admission criteria for the UOW Doctor of Medicine (MD) at the Graduate School of Medicine (GSM). 
Who Should Apply?

Talented students from any field of study wishing to pursue a career in medicine are encouraged to apply. In your first year you will study foundational anatomy, biology, chemistry, exercise physiology, nutrition and effective communication in healthcare settings. Those without a background in chemistry will be required to do a chemistry bridging course and for those without a background in biology a bridging course is highly recommended. 

UOW has a commitment to training Indigenous doctors and doctors with an interest in rural, regional and remote practice. Indigenous students and students from rural, regional and remote communities are particularly encouraged to apply for this degree as a solid foundation for graduate medicine. 

What are the admission requirements for the Bachelor of Pre-Medicine, Science and Health? 

Domestic students (Australian Residents) - School Leavers

Students currently completing their Higher School Certificate, an interstate equivalent or an International Baccalaureate, in Australia are encouraged to apply via UOW’s Early Admission Program:

Domestic students (Australian Residents) - School Leavers and Mature Age applicants

Apply via the Universities Admissions Centre

  • UAC Course Code 757500
  • Indicative ATAR 95
  • Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics are highly recommended 

International students

Apply directly to UOW 

Can this course be studied part-time? 

The Bachelor of Pre-Medicine, Science and Health is a full-time course and part-time study is not available in this course.

At which campus will the UOW Pre-Med degree be located? 

The UOW Pre-Med degree is located exclusively at the Wollongong campus. Please see here for accommodation and transport options for this campus. 

Will completion of the course guarantee me a place in the Doctor of Medicine (MD) at UOW, or at any other graduate medical school? 

Admission interviews to the UOW MD program will be granted to the top 12 performing domestic and top 12 performing international students who meet the minimum admission eligibility requirements for the MD program. Please note that entry into any graduate medical program is highly competitive and an offer of admission is not guaranteed.

Is the Bachelor of Pre-Medicine, Science & Health a foundation for other graduate medical programs in addition to medicine such as dentistry and veterinary studies for example? 

Yes. The UOW Pre-Med degree is built on a solid core of advanced chemistry, biology, anatomy and physiology subjects and will provide an excellent foundation for pursuing a range of graduate entry programs including medicine, dentistry, veterinary studies, optometry, podiatry, pharmacy and physiotherapy.     

Should I pursue postgraduate studies after completing the Bachelor of Pre-Medicine, Science and Health?

The job market has become very competitive and it is increasingly commonplace for students to pursue postgraduate study.

“Postgraduate studies continue to play an important role in the education and training of Australians. Between 1999 and 2012, the number of people completing postgraduate awards increased by 124 per cent. In 2012, more than a third of completing domestic higher education students had studied at a postgraduate level.” 

Graduate Careers Australia reports that around 20 per cent of bachelor degree graduates pursue further study (either part- or full-time) immediately following undergraduate degree completion. Many other students will choose to do postgraduate study in the years after graduation to enhance their career prospects.  

What other postgraduate study options are available after completing the Bachelor of Pre-Medicine, Science and Health in addition to graduate medical school? 

The Bachelor of Pre-Medicine, Science and Health doesn’t only prepare you for a further study in medicine. There are eight areas of study in established fields and newly-emerging fields that lead to further postgraduate study in programs at UOW or other institutions.  Choosing one of the eight majors or minors on offer puts you on a pathway to these study and career options, whilst still working towards admission into graduate medical studies. Table 1 below shows available postgraduate study options at UOW.  

What are the career prospects that come out of the areas of study if I decide to finish after three years instead of applying to graduate medical studies? 

Table 1 below shows the range of careers available to students who decide to pursue a career at the end of the degree.





Biomedical Research

BSc (Hons) in Biological Sciences, PhD

BSc (Hons) in Medical Biotechnology, PhD

Biomedical research; biotechnology & pharmaceutical industry; government positions; consulting; media; patent law and education

Exercise Science

BSc (Hons) in Exercise Sciences, PhD

Master in Clinical Exercise Physiology

Exercise scientist; fitness industry; exercise research; exercise physiology and physiotherapy, exercise rehabilitation, education

Health Informatics

Master of Health Informatics, PhD

IT health informatics, health information manager, health informatics administrator, health informatics educator

Health Practice

BSc (Hons) in Medical Science, PhD

Public health; Government positions in health promotion and health economics; public policy; Indigenous health; nursing & allied health

Medical Radiation Physics

MSc (Medical Radiation Physics), PhD

Medical research; biotechnology industry; government laboratories; allied heath; consulting; media; patent law and education

Medical Science

BSc (Hons) in Medical Sciences, PhD

Medical research; biotechnology industry; government laboratories; allied heath; consulting; media; patent law and education

Molecular Medicine

BSc (Hons) in Chemistry, PhD

BSc (Hons) in Medicinal Chemistry, PhD

Chemist; medicinal chemist; pharmaceutical industry; biotechnology industry; government laboratories; consulting; patent law and education


BSc (Hons) in Nutrition Sciences, PhD

Master of Nutrition and Dietetics, PhD

Nutrition & dietetics research; public health nutrition; food and nutrition management; business & industry; media; clinical dietetics & education

 *Some career pathways require further postgraduate study  

If I am accepted into another UOW undergraduate course, am I able to transfer into the Bachelor of Pre-Medicine, Science and Health if my academic performance is suitable?

Students currently enrolled in a degree at UOW may apply to transfer to the Bachelor of Pre-Medicine, Science and Health provided they have completed 48 credit points of study at 100 level and have achieved a WAM of 85% or above. Transfers are highly competitive and subject to the availability of places. 

Will completing this degree give me an advantage for entering graduate medicine at UOW over someone completing any other undergraduate degree at UOW or other institution?

UOW’s Graduate School of Medicine encourages applications to their graduate medicine program from high performing students from a diverse range of backgrounds. No preference is given to any particular undergraduate degree. Applicants to the UOW graduate medicine program must be in their final year or have successfully completed a recognised Bachelor degree. Candidates must also successfully complete the Graduate Australian Medical School Admission Test (GAMSAT) and participate in an interview process.

Do I need to sit the UMAT exam for entry into the Pre-Med program at UOW?

No. UMAT is the Undergraduate Medical Admission Test used to assist with the selection of students for undergraduate medicine, dentistry and health science degree programs, and is not required for entry to the Bachelor of Pre-Medicine, Science and Health.

Do you have an undergraduate entry level medicine program at UOW?

No. The University of Wollongong Doctor of Medicine (UOW MD) program is a 4-year full time graduate entry level medical course operating at both the Wollongong and Shoalhaven campuses. It is offered through the UOW Graduate School of Medicine.

What are the entry requirements for admission to postgraduate medicine at UOW?

Admission requirements for the postgraduate UOW MD program can be found here.

Do I need to sit the GAMSAT exam for entry into the Pre-Med program at UOW?

No. GAMSAT is the Graduate Australian Medical School Admission Test used to assist with the selection of students for graduate entry medical programs. It is expected that Pre-Med students will sit the GAMSAT exam in their second or third year of their degree as part of their preparation for admission to graduate medical school. 

Will the Foundations for GAMSAT subject guarantee improved performance on the GAMSAT exam?

The Foundations for GAMSAT subject has been designed to assist students in preparing for the Graduate Australian Medical Schools Admissions Test by promoting foundation academic skills and content knowledge relevant to the study and practice of medicine and the health professions. The subject will address not only some of the core content required for medical school entry, but also provide an understanding of the philosophy behind medical school selection and the attributes of a successful health practitioner. The subject will promote academic literacy and critical thinking across a broad range of topics. Completion of the subject does not guarantee improved performance in the GAMSAT but provides students with the fundamental skills and knowledge to succeed through their own endeavour.