Current Research Projects


Current Projects


Funding Source


Defining the mechanisms by which ABCA7 and apoE control Alzheimer's disease risk. Functional characterization of new therapeutic targets for dementia prevention and treatment

NHMRC Senior Research Fellowship (1109831) (2016-2020)

B. Garner

Defining systems that clear dangerous misfolded proteins from body fluids

ARC Discovery Project (2016-18)

 MR Wilson & H Ecroyd

Developing insight into the molecular origins of familial and sporadic
frontotemporal dementia and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

NHMRC Dementia teams grant (2015-19)

I Blair, J Atkin, R Chung, G Guillemin, L Ooi, W Wilson, M Molloy, JJ Yerbury, N Cole, T Karl

The role of mutant cyclin F in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

NHMRC Project

I Blair, J Atkin, R Chung, JJ Yerbury, L Ooi

Ubiquitin Depletion as a Cause of Amyotrophic Lateral
Sclerosis (ALS).

MNDRIA Grant in Aid (2016)

Saunders DN, Yerbury JJ 

Development of a biocompatible functionalised liposome drug delivery system to increase efficiency of delivery to motor neurons

MNDRIA Grant in Aid (2016)

Yerbury JJ, Perrow KL

Delivery of Ubiquitin to Motor Neurons Using a targeted, sterically stabilised liposome delivery system

USA Department of Defense (2016-17)

Yerbury JJ, Perrow KL, Saunders DN

Proteome homeostasis dysfunction in axon terminals as a cause of MND

Betty Laidlaw MND research prize (2018)

Yerbury JJ, Ooi L, Blair I, Molloy M, Vendruscolo M

Developing a folding sensor to study chaperone protein function by single molecule fluorescence techniques

Australian post-graduate scholarship

C Johnston (PhD student), AM van Oijen and H Ecroyd

Establishing the role of proteostasis pathways in preventing protein aggregation in cells

Australian post-graduate scholarship

S McMahon (PhD student), JJ Yerbury & H Ecroyd

Using single molecule techniques to study how chaperone proteins prevent protein misfolding and aggregation

Australian post-graduate scholarship

C Johnston (PhD student), AM van Oijen and H Ecroyd

Investigating the structural and functional consequences of disease-related mutations in the small heat shock protein Hsp27

Australian post-graduate scholarship

A Rote (PhD student) & H Ecroyd


Last reviewed: 26 July, 2018