Student Profiles


Graduated: 2014
Supervisors: Associate Professor Victoria Traynor and Associate Professor Marijka Batterham

Thesis title: Dementia and retirement from driving

Thesis impact: “My research, in collaboration with a wide range of colleagues, contributed to a greater understanding of the issue of driving and dementia”

Current role: Neurologist at Wollongong Hospital.

Highlight from degree “During my degree, I gained a greater understanding of the importance of research and the benefits of collaboration. I also learned that you are never too old to start something new!”


Tim CoombesGraduated: 2014
Supervisors: Associate Professor Janette Curtis and Professor Patrick Crookes

Thesis title: Outcome measurement in mental health

Thesis impact: “I tried to understand what the content and process of a comprehensive mental health nursing assessment was, I observed that while it is consumer focused, a consistent structure is not clear”.

Current role: Director of Nursing Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District

Highlight from degree: “In quantitative and qualitative research, the politics of research is exposed in different ways”.


Alison CraswellGraduated: 2014
Supervisors: Professor Lorna Moxham and Dr Moira Williamson

Thesis title: What influences Registered Nurses and Midwives when collecting and entering
peri-natal data.

Thesis impact: “Gave a voice to midwives using computers for perinatal data collection to express the issues they experience with their computer systems both challenges and achievements”.

Current role: Two contract positions in research at two universities – both as a senior project officer and post-doctoral researcher.

Highlight from Alison’s degree: Invited to present at a conference and being asked about the findings from qualitative research as well as having a full and considered answer that is grounded in research.