Researcher Profiles

Researcher Profiles

The School of Nursing is seen as a place where first-rate research is carried out. Being within a Science, Medicine and Health Faculty, we are in a position to support research interests  with a diverse range of activities and to offer opportunities for multidisciplinary research.  More detailed information can by found by following the link to the individual profile pages.


Elizabeth Halcomb 

  • Nursing workforce
  • General practice nursing
  • Chronic disease
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Mixed-methods research
  • Primary Health Care
  • Evidence-Based Practice/Systematic Reviews

Ritin Fernandez

  • Joanna Briggs Institute
  • Multicultural health
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Chronic disease
  • Technology in health
  • Systematic reviews and evidence-based practice
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Mixed methods research
  • International students and education
  • Nursing workforce 

Lorna Moxham

  • Recovery Camp
  • Mental Health Nursing
  • Serious and Enduring Mental Illness
  • Therapeutic Recreation in Mental Health/ Wellbeing
  • Qualitative Research Methodologies
  • Mental Health Nursing Education
  • Workforce Issues
  • HDR Supervision
  • Living Well, Longer 

Victoria Traynor

Senior Lecturers

Renee Brighton

  • Recovery Camp
  • The impact of alcohol on the development of dementia, and the disorder of alcohol-related dementia

Maria Mackay

  • Clinical skills curriculum development, evaluation and review.
  • Casual academic staff education and support
  • Preparedness of 1st year nursing students for clinical practice
  • The impact of clinical experience on students cultural awareness
  • Design and development of learning and teaching resources for clinical supervisors
  • The impact of solution focussed feedback and practice development in the development of quality clinical placements

Moira Stephens 

  • Illness experience
  • Social media and illness experience
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Cancer and haematology nursing
  • Chronic care
  • Qualitative Research Methodologies
  • Practice Development 


Rita Chang

Kay Crookes

  • Meaningful and engaging teaching strategies, Aged care

Natalie Cutler 

  • Recovery Camp
  • Mental Health Nursing
  • Partnering With Consumers (Co-Production)
  • Exploring ‘Real-World’ Challenges in the Clinical Setting
  • Enhancing Mindful Leadership in the Workplace

Lorraine Fields

  • Transition of Enrolled nurses to Registered Nurses

Pamela McAllan

Shahla Meedya

  • Women and children health
  • Chronic disease and high risk pregnancies
  • Social media and health promotion
  • Teaching and learning
  • Quantitative research and mixed method

Rebekkah Middleton  

  • Leadership development
  • Practice development
  • Emergency nursing issues

Christopher Patterson

Jenny Sim 

  • Nursing sensitive outcomes
  • Patient outcomes
  • Science content in Bachelor of Nursing programs
  • Evidence based practice implementation
  • Design and development of learning and teaching resources

Sarah Tillott 

  • Primary health care focused

Siobhan Wragg

  • Simulation in nurse education
  • Workplace health and safety - Latex Allergy
  • Learning and teaching in higher education
  • Diversity, equity and cultural competence
  • Person/family/community centred care
  • Collaborative partnerships in care
  • Child Protection


Honorary Staff

Sharon Bourgeois

  • Caring
  • Nursing Practice
  • Nursing Education
  • Curriculum
  • Qualitative Research

Terry Froggatt  

  • Learning organisations
  • Trust, trusting and leadership

Susan Sumskis

  • The meaning of resilience to a person diagnosed with schizophrenia
Last reviewed: 28 September, 2018