Scholarships are available from a number of sources to assist nurses to undertake graduate certificate programs. Examples include:

  • Nurses and Midwives Board New South Wales
    P: (02)9219 0222 or 1800 241 220 (nurses practicing in NSW)
  • Cavell Trust
    P: 1300 367 962 (nurses practicing in NSW)
  • Nurses Scholarship Foundation Ltd.
    PO Box 153, Ryde NSW 2112 (nurses practising in NSW and ACT)

Some specialty organisations also assist their members by providing small grants. A Directory of Grant Making Trusts is available in The New South Wales College of Nursing Library and from the Professional Services Directorate.

The Jo Wattleworth Scholarship

The Jo Wattleworth Scholarship, $2,000, is available to undergraduate students undertaking a university course, and a student member of the College, who produces an essay, learning contract or portfolio in which the significance of the psychosocial/humanistic aspects of nursing are featured. The essay must make central the importance of psychosocial aspects of nursing to the well being/care of an individual and the learning contract or portfolio must be accompanied by a summary that makes explicit the ways in which the student emphasises this aspect of nursing.

Submissions must be made to Director - Corporate and Business Services, The College of Nursing, Locked Bag 3030, Burwood NSW 1805.
Submissions must be received by 31 August each year.

Cavell Trust Scholarships

Cavell Trust Scholarships are available to full-time nurses, undergraduate nursing students and nurses undertaking further studies to enhance their careers. Members and Associate members of the NSW Nurses' Association are eligible to apply. Scholarships are awarded on a needs or merit basis. For more information phone 02 9550 3244 or 1 800 043 190 or write to the General Secretary, NSW Nurses' Association, PO Box 40, Camperdown NSW 1450. Applications close 31 July each year.

The Royal College of Nursing Australia also has scholarships available for undergraduate students, registered and enrolled nurses.

Other remote and rural scholarships are available via NSW Health.

There are also many scholarships available through the NSW Rural Doctors Network. Either link through the disciplines on the left side, or go through the Search Scholarships facility and select Nursing as the discipline and then University of Wollongong as the tertiary institution.

University of Wollongong Undergraduate Scholarships

Information for general, undergraduate and specific Nursing scholarships.

Last reviewed: 9 March, 2016