Inherent Requirements

Inherent Requirements 

  • The University of Wollongong strongly supports the principles of inclusion, equal opportunity and the right of all people to pursue studies.
  • The University embraces diversity and strives to accommodate all students.

What are inherent requirements?

Inherent requirements are the essential components of a course or unit that demonstrate the abilities, knowledge and skills to achieve the core learning outcomes of the course or unit.   

Students with a disability or chronic health condition may be able to have reasonable adjustments made to enable them to meet these requirements

The University of Wollongong is committed to making reasonable adjustments to teaching and learning, assessment, placement and other activities to enable students' to participate in their course. Reasonable adjustments must not fundamentally change the nature of the inherent requirement.

Consideration is given to a student's cultural and religious background/beliefs, which may impact on participation in their course or unit. For further information contact your Director of Nursing Programs.

Are inherent requirements the same as compulsory requirements?

Inherent requirements are specific to a particular course. In the University context, compulsory requirements are broader and can include both compliance with the policies, procedures and regulations which are applicable to all students at the University but also the mandatory requirements associated with the course of study e.g. attendance, completion of assignments.

Why are inherent requirements important?

Inherent requirements ensure the integrity of a course is maintained and preserves the university's learning, assessment and accreditation processes. They must be met by all students.

How does this affect you?

To successfully complete a course at  UOW, you need to be able to meet all the inherent requirements. If you are applying for a course, you should read the inherent requirements carefully to ensure you are able to meet them. If you have a disability or chronic health condition, contact a UOW Disability Support Officer to talk about the adjustments that may be put in place so you can meet the requirements.

Contact the UOW Disability Services

Bachelor of Nursing Inherent Requirements

These inherent requirements apply to the Bachelor of Nursing course codes:

The University of Wollongong and the School of Nursing (SoN) strongly supports the rights of all people who wish to pursue an undergraduate nursing course.

Last reviewed: 8 December, 2016