School Contact Details

Building 41T: +61 2 4221 3339
+61 2 4221 3137

School of Nursing
University of Wollongong
Northfields Avenue

SMAH Course Advisors Contact List

Campus Location Map (Building 41) 

Key Staff

Head of School
Prof Tracey Moroney

Professor of Nursing
South Eastern Sydney Local Health Network / 
University of Wollongong
Prof Ritin Fernandez

Professor of Nursing
ISLHD and University of Wollongong

Prof Val Wilson

Prof Elizabeth Halcomb 
Prof Lorna Moxham
Prof Victoria Traynor 

Senior Lecturers  
Dr Renee Brighton
Dr Ross Clifton
Dr Samuel Lapkin
Mrs Maria Mackay
Dr Rebekkah Middleton
Dr Luke Molloy
Dr Jenny Sim
Dr Moira Stephens
Dr Peter Thomas

Mr Ibrahim Alananzeh
Ms Carolyn Antoniou (Southern Sydney)
Mr Alex Chan
Mrs Elizabeth Curtis (South Western Sydney)
Dr Bonnie Dean (Curriculum Manager)
Dr Rita Chang
Mrs Kay Crookes
Ms Natalie Cutler
Mrs Lorraine Fields (Curriculum Manager)
Mrs Carley Jans
Mr Grant Kinghorn
Mrs Kimberley Livingstone
Ms Kelly Marriott-Statham
Dr Susan McInnes
Dr Shahla Meedya (Southern Sydney)
Mr Christopher Patterson
Ms Helen Pratt (Batemans Bay)  
Ms Katherine Riley (Shoalhaven)
Ms Sarah Tillott
(Southern Sydney)
Ms Baylie Trostian
Ms Siobhan Wragg (Bega)

Visiting and Honorary Appointments
Ms Antje Badger (Honorary Senior Fellow)
Dr Robert Bedbrook (Honorary Associate Lecturer)
Prof Steven Bernardi, (Honorary Associate Professor)
Dr Sharon Bourgeois (Honorary Fellow)
Dr Angela Brown (Honorary Professor)
Dr Roy Brown (Honorary Senior Fellow)
Dr Kee-Hsin Chen, Honorary Senior Fellow)
Prof Patrick Crookes (Honorary Professor)
Ms Jane Desborough (Honorary Senior Fellow)
Mrs Denise Edgar (Honorary Fellow)
Dr Joanne Joyce-McCoach (Honorary Senior Lecturer)
Rebecca Leon (Honorary Lecturer)
Ms Sonia Marshall (Honorary Associate Professor)
Prof Kim Manley (Visiting Professor)
Dr Terry Froggatt (Honorary Senior Lecturer)
Mrs Sandra McCarthy (Honorary Fellow)
Dr Kwok-Fung (Michael) Mak (Honorary Fellow)
Ms Susan Pearce (Honorary Professor)
Ms Kathleen Peters (Honorary Associate Fellow)
Dr Peter Smerdely (Honorary Professor)
Mrs Sarah Seddon (Honorary Clinical Lecturer)
Assoc Prof Erna Snelgrove-Clarke (Honorary Associate Professor)
Ms Annette Solman (Honorary Fellow)
Dr Susan Sumskis (Honorary Senior Fellow)
Ms Kate Swaffer (Honorary Associate Fellow)
Dr Shelley Tranter (Honorary Lecturer)
Mr Lap Fung Tsang (Honorary Fellow)
Dr Karen Tuqiri (Honorary Fellow)
Miss Alexandria Varshawsky (Honorary Clinical Fellow) 
Mrs Weiqing Zhang (Visiting Senior Lecturer)

School Administration / Enquiries
Ms Joanne Penn
Mrs Sandie Bragger (Program Support Officer)
Complete Faculty Administration Listing

Technical Services Manager
Mrs Julie Gray

Project Manager
Mrs Nicole Britten
Mrs Nadine Veerhuis 

Technical Staff  

Mrs Sharon Wilson - Technical Officer
Mrs Karen Healey - Simulation Assistant

South Western Sydney
Miss Meaghan Marshall-Creed - Laboratory Assistant

Southern Sydney
Mrs Simone Yeats – Laboratory Assistant 

Mrs Julie Cameron - Laboratory Assistant 

Batemans Bay
Mrs Nancy Costin - Laboratory Assistant 

Mrs Emily Martin - Laboratory Assistant

Research Staff
Dr Lin Yuan

Last reviewed: 14 February, 2019