Working With Us

Working With Us

Honorary Clinical Academic Appointments

The School is seeking applications for Honorary Clinical Academic appointments to Graduate Medicine. Graduate Medicine offers Clinical Academic appointments at differing levels depending on the professional and academic qualifications and experience of the applicant (Please click here to view the Clinical Academic Appointments Flowchart [PDF 17KB]).

The term “honorary” means that the appointees will not be paid employees of the University (although we do offer casual payment if honorary staff are involved in making significant, regular and time consuming contributions to our teaching program).

As at July 2018, 526 Clinical Academic staff are active Honoraries of Graduate Medicine.

Why become an Honorary Clinical Academic?

Honorary Clinical Academics enjoy the normal privileges of an academic member of staff and have access to the below resources and opportunities, as well as receiving an Honorary Clinical Title (and a certificate recognising this). Honoraries are also privileged with the ability to assist in the selection of, and the teaching and learning of future clinicians, and are able to include such skills on their CVs for future training roles and recognition. Some specific benefits include:

  • Access to the University’s library facilities and online resources at Wollongong and Shoalhaven campuses.
  • Access to the School’s Faculty Development Program (FDP) and Academy of Clinicians.
  • Opportunities to participate in the strategic direction and development processes of the School.
  • Access to the School’s Learning Centre at Wollongong campus.
  • Opportunities to participate in UOW collaborative research activities, UOW-hosted educational, cultural, social and professional development activities.
  • Public recognition of your academic affiliation with the University of Wollongong, including a certificate outlining your honorary appointment.

Appointments are available as a Clinical Tutor, Clinical Lecturer, Clinical Senior Lecturer, Clinical Associate Professor, and Clinical Professor. The criteria for appointments are generally consistent with those for standard academic appointments at the University of Wollongong, although the types of evidence that may be accepted as indicating distinction or academic excellence in one’s discipline have been broadened to take into account the different contexts of clinical practice. Clinical Academic appointments expire within 3 years, and those who have contributed to the school in some way are automatically offered an appointment renewal at the end of their appointment term.

How to apply

The application form below is for those seeking a Clinical Academic Appointment. All sections must be clearly completed in full, with the exception of the second section which is only a requirement for applicants seeking appointment at the level of Clinical Associate Professor or Clinical Professor. In addition to two referees being sought, applicants seeking appointment at the level of Clinical Associate Professor and above must also complete a covering letter in which they explain why they believe they meet the criteria for appointment at the level sought. These criteria are detailed in page 7 of the application form.

The applications will be considered by the Clinical Academic Appointments Committee, which consists of university academics and local clinicians. The Committee will consider applications in terms of clinical experience, teaching experience, contribution to health systems and health care initiatives, research experience and willingness to contribute to medical school activities.

Please complete the above application form and submit it by either:

  1. Saving an electronically completed form to PDF format, and emailing it to
  2. Faxing it to Clinical Academic Appointments Committee on (02) 4221 4341; or
  3. Posting it to:
    Clinical Academic Appointments Committee
    Graduate Medicine
    Building 28
    University of Wollongong
    NSW 2522

If you have any questions regarding the application process please don’t hesitate to contact Sheri Roberts by ringing (02) 4221 5367 or email

Last reviewed: 24 July, 2018