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Roberta Williams Chair of General Practice

The Roberta Williams Chair of General Practice and the UOW Graduate Medicine’s General Practice Academic Unit (GPAU) are supported by a generous donation from the Allied Group of Companies. This donation was in honour of Roberta Williams, late wife of Marsden (Mick) Williams the founder of Allied, and is one of the largest single donations made to the University of Wollongong. The Chair of General Practice, and the GPAU, are dedicated to improving the health of the people of the Illawarra and beyond in Roberta (Bobby) Williams’ memory.

Illawarra and Southern Practice Research Network (ISPRN)

ISPRN is a practice-based research network based in Graduate Medicine’s GPAU. ISPRN supports the development of high-quality research skills among primary care clinicians in order to extend their educational and professional development. ISPRN is driven by a practical understanding of what works and what will aid quality improvements. It achieves this by supporting projects that translate research findings into everyday practice, with a specific focus on regional and rural primary care. 

Our Mission

The mission of the GP Academic Unit is to deliver:

  • High quality General Practice research
  • High value input into the Graduate School curriculum
  • Academic leadership within the General Practice community

Strategic Goals

The goal of the GPAU’s research focus 2018-2022 is to make an impact on the following health system problems:

  • The effect of social determinants on health outcomes and equity
  • The drivers for a more expensive, technologically driven and fragmented health system
  • The performance of our health system in palliative management when curative or disease control approaches are failing

Our Research 

In order to achieve its long term goals, the GPAU has structured its research program to answer questions within each of the following research areas: 

How can primary care address health inequity?

  • How can primary care realise its potential to improve the health of communities?
  • How can primary and secondary care work together to apply palliative approaches to patient care?


Research Staff

Honorary Research Fellow

PhD Students

Masters Students

  • Mr Timothy Miller

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Last reviewed: 19 September, 2018