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Innovation in Education:
Learning & Teaching in SMAH

2016 Inaugural SMAH Forum

In December 2016 an inaugural faculty forum was held to formally acknowledge learning and teaching innovation within SMAH, and create a platform for SMAH educators to share/demonstrate what they are doing in the learning environment.

This forum was also established as the platform for which the 2015 SEDI grant recipients were able to present their project outcomes and learnings as per the requirements of the grant.

Poster and presentation submissions were received with seventeen presentations and six posters accepted for the Forum. There was a diverse range of presentations representing each school in the Faculty, and exploring a varied range of innovative teaching strategies; development and implementation of new technologies in class; contemporary educationally sound approaches to subject design and assessment.

Using a 6 minute Pecha Kucha presentation, each presenter was required to succinctly explain the key components of their innovation

  • What was the problem?
  • What did they do to address it i.e. the innovation?
  • What was the learning?
  • Where to from here?

This forum was well attended by academic and professional staff, as well as students from Science, Medicine and Health and other faculties and business units. Many attendees identified that the Pecha Kucha presentation style was successful in providing the key components of such a diverse field of topics, whilst ensuring that the audience remained engaged and interested. Most who attended spoke positively about the opportunity to gain insight into what others were doing across the faculty and the sharing of knowledge and ideas that could potentially be replicated or shared across disciplines.

Following the positive feedback from the first forum, the Education Unit intends to make this a regular event; an opportunity to showcase SMAH teaching and learning innovation, and an exploration and acknowledgement of the ongoing achievements in SMAH education and a platform for the recipients of SEDI grants to present their project learnings and outcomes.


Download the Innovation in Education: Learning and Teaching in SMAH Program [PDF].

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