Institute for Conservation Biology & Environmental Management

The Institute for Conservation Biology and Environmental Management

combines expertise in Conservation Law & Policy with strong research in Evolutionary & Environmental Biology.

We aim to:

Conduct world-class research concerning the biology, conservation and management of Australia's native biota.

Train high quality Postgraduate and Honours students to be highly competent researchers in this area. 

Foster interdisciplinary research and research training, linking science with law, policy and management.

Interact with other scientists as well as managers and policy personnel to achieve effective conservation of the Australian biota.   

Photo: Owen Price

Sea AnemoneBehind Anemone Lines: Sea anemones are amongst the simplest of animals. They lack internal organs and have only a simple nerve net instead of a brain but research by David Ayre (UOW) and Rick Grosberg (University of California at Davis) has shown that different anemone clones can have strikingly different personalities as revealed by experiments that focus on the tactics that anemones use in fighting for space. Read more in Research & Innovation News July-September edition.


Congratulations to Dr Marian Wong who has been awarded a Small (Target) grant of 12K from SMAH to investigate the evolution of social interaction networks in this social coral reef fish, the humbug damselfish (Dascyllus aruanus).
Dascyllus Aruanus Group
Photo by Dr Peter Buston