Centre for Human & Applied Physiology

Centre for Human and Applied Physiology

The Centre for Human and Applied Physiology is one research arm of the School of Medicine. Members of this Centre investigate a wide range of mechanistic topics within the realm of human physiology, including cardiovascular, metabolic, muscle, pulmonary and environmental physiology. 

Monograph Publications 

Book Cover (HPL)

Taylor, N.A.S., and Groeller, H. (2008). Physiological bases of human performance during work and exercise. Churchill Livingstone Elsevier, Edinburgh. ISBN: 0-443-10271-4

Fire Brigade Book Cover

Groeller, H., and Taylor, N.A.S. (2009). Physical performance optimisation: a handbook for firefighters. University Of Wollongong, Wollongong, Australia. ISBN: 978-1-74128-152-1

AusPES Conference Cover

Taylor, N.A.S., and Billing, D.C. (2012). Physiological and Physical Employment Standards I. University of Wollongong, Australia. ISBN: 978-1-74128-220-7

Biology of Aging Bookcover

Taylor, N.A.S. (2010). Pulmonary function in aging humans. In: Masoro, E.J., and Austad, S.N. (Editors). Handbook of the Biology of Aging. Seventh Edition. Academic Press, London. ISBN: 978-0-12-378638-8