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Featured Research Projects

The School of Chemistry brings together multidisciplinary teams of academics and researchers who collaborate closely on exciting research programs, some of these projects are featured below.

Pyne Research GroupNatural Products Inspired Research in Medicinal Chemistry and Organic Synthesis

Our research focuses on the development and discovery of new synthetic chemistry strategies and methods for constructing bioactive natural products or natural product like molecules. These developments have allowed us to synthesize new molecular scaffolds for the preparation of libraries of novel compounds for biological screening and new drug discovery.

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Bushfire Image Bushfire Emissions to the Atmosphere

Bushfires are a major source of atmospheric trace gases and aerosols. Due to the variable nature of their occurrence, extent and intensity, bushfires are the largest contributor to the variability of the composition of the troposphere (lower atmosphere). Smoke and gases from Australian forest and savanna fires have a significant impact on air quality and atmospheric composition and chemistry across the Southern Hemisphere and globally. Despite their global significance, emissions from Australian fires are poorly characterised, so further research is needed in this area.

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Last reviewed: 8 March, 2016