Chemistry touches almost every aspect of our existence. We value the real world skills that employers require, and ensure that our students receive hands-on experience as they learn. Our degrees are taught by staff at the forefront of their fields of research, and this shines through in the quality of our graduates.

Bridging Courses For New Students 

The University of Wollongong offers bridging courses during Summer session. All the details including payment can be completed online via the Bridging Courses webpage. Applications close 2 February 2017. 

Chemistry Courses

Chemistry is the study of the molecular nature of all matter and its interactions. It is one of the key sciences, helping to unlock mysteries across the physical sciences including both environmental and earth sciences through to analytical and forensic sciences and even in molecular biology and medical sciences. Chemists enjoy some of the broadest career options of any scientist, due to the fundamental importance of chemistry in many scientific and commercial endeavours.

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Bionanotechnology Courses

Bionanotechnology is an emerging field that combines principles from biology, physics, chemistry, and mathematics to understand and control biological processes at the molecular level. Using bionanotechnological approaches, revolutionary advances are being made in the biomedical sciences, varying from the visualization and manipulation of individual molecules, the use of nanoparticles to deliver drugs to specific sites in the body and the development of nanofabricated architecture to read out the sequence of DNA. 

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Medicinal Chemistry Course 

Medicinal Chemists design and synthesise new medicinal and pharmacological agents; develop new dosage forms; monitor guidelines for testing drugs and undertake analyses; assist with drug regulatory affairs; assess patent applications for new drugs; and teach in tertiary institutions. UOW offers specialised subjects in drug discovery and design. 

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