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Chemistry Building 18T: +61 2 4221 3509
  +61 2 4221 4287

School of Chemistry
University of Wollongong
Northfields Avenue

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Academic Staff

Head of School
Professor Stephen Ralph

Distinguished Professor
Distinguished Professor Nick Dixon
Distinguished Professor Antoine van Oijen

Senior Professors
Senior Professor David Griffith
Senior Professor Stephen Pyne

Professor Jenny Beck
Professor Marc in het Panhuis
Professor Dianne Jolley
Professor Paul Keller
Professor David Officer
Professor William Price
Professor Gordon Wallace

Associate Professors
A/Prof Michael Kelso
A/Prof Clare Murphy
A/Prof Aaron Oakley
A/Prof  Glennys O'Brien
A/Prof Danielle Skropeta
A/Prof Adam Trevitt
A/Prof Stephen Wilson

Senior Lecturers
Dr Carolyn Dillon
Dr Gökhan Tolun
Dr Chris Hyland
Dr Chris Richardson
Dr Haibo Yu

Facility Managers
Dr Wilford Lie (NMR)
Dr Celine Kelso (Mass Spectrometry)

Research Fellows
Dr Ashraf Aboelela
Mr Benjamin Buckley
Dr Ramesh Ailuri
Dr Phil Barker
Dr Nicholas Deutscher
Dr Slobodan Jergic
Dr Nick Jones
Dr Jinguo Kang
Mr Jacob Lewis
Dr Bishnu Paudel
Dr Andrew Robinson
Dr Voltaire Velazco
Dr Xingyong Wang - VC Fellow
Dr Zhi-Qiang Xu

Associate Fellows 
Dr Harshad Ghodke
Dr Fay Dawes

Dr Elise-Andree Guerette
Dr Ruhi Humphries
Dr Nirali Kumar
Dr Amy McGrath
Dr Ardeshir Rineh

Honorary Appointments
Dr Phillip Barker (Honorary Principal Fellow)
Emeritus Prof John Bremner 
Prof Ian Galbally (Honorary Professorial Fellow)
Dr Aleica Holland (Visiting Fellow)
Dr Dagmar Kubistin (Honorary Senior Fellow)
Dr Garry Mockler (Honorary Senior Lecturer)
Dr Khalia Monk (Honorary Fellow)
A/Prof Phuong Nguyen (Endeavour Fellow)
Dr Frances Phillips (Honorary Senior Fellow)
Dr Berwyck Poad (Honorary Fellow)
A/Prof Margaret Sheil (Principal Research Fellow) 
Prof Colin Sheppard (Honorary Professorial Fellow)
Dr Nsikanabasi Umo (Honorary Visiting Fellow)
Prof Yang Zhang (VC's International Fellow)

Affiliated Staff Members
Dr Simon Bedford
Dr Jenny Fisher

Professional Staff

School Administration/Enquiries
Mrs Louisa Willdin

Administration Manager
Mr Tim Beniuk 

Technical Services Manager
Mrs Julie Gray

Team Leaders - Technical Services 
Mr Roger Kanitz
Ms Ellen Manning

MLS Facility Manager
Dr James Bouwer

Technical Officers
Mr Joe Daunt
Mrs Roza Dimeska
Mrs Cathy Lancaster
Dr Alan Maccarone
Ms Karin Maxwell
Mr Travis Naylor
Mr Hairuddin (Din) Idris

Research Assistant
Ms Judith Carrall
Mr Graham Kettlewell
Mr Travis Naylor

Last reviewed: 18 December, 2017