Ralph 260 300Professor Stephen Ralph

B.Sc (Hons) University of Queensland
PhD University of Queensland

Phone:      +61 2 4221 4286
Office:       B18.102A

  • Professor and Head of School of Chemistry

Research Interests
  • Investigating Interactions between Metallointercalators and DNA
  • Nanofiltration using Carbon Nanotube Membranes
  • Bioinorganic Chemistry of Metallodrugs
  • Molecular Cages for Metal Ions 

Gold Uptake Ralph
Gold uptake by polypyrrole 

    Silver Ralph
Silver on polypyrrole coated linen

Representative Publications
  • J. Boge, L.J. Sweetman, M. in het Panhuis and S.F. Ralph, “The Effect of Preparation Conditions and Biopolymer Dispersants on the Properties of SWNT Buckypapers”, J. Mat.Chem., DOI 10.1039/6914824h (2009) -article to be featured on back cover of Journal.
  • A.M.T. Bygott, R.J. Geue, S.F. Ralph, A.M. Sargeson and A.C. Willis, “Octahedral and Trigonal Prismatic Structure Preferences in a Bicyclic Hexaamine Cage for Zinc(II), Cadmium(II) and Mercury(II) Ions”, Dalton Transactions, 4778 (2007) – article featured on inside Journal front cover.
  • J. Talib, J.L. Beck and S.F. Ralph, “A Mass Spectrometric Investigation of the Binding of Gold Antiarthritic Agents and the Metabolite [Au(CN)2]- to Human Serum Albumin”, J. Biol. Inorg. Chem.,11, 559 (2006).
  • D.A. Reece, S.F. Ralph and G.G. Wallace, “Metal Transport Studies on Inherently Conducting Polymer Membranes Containing Cyclodextrin Dopants”, Journal of Membrane Science, 249, 9 (2005).
  • J. Ding, W.E. Price, S.F. Ralph and G.G. Wallace, “Electroless Recovery of Gold Chloride Using Inherently Conducting Polymers”, Polymer International, 53, 681 (2004).
  • J. Talib, J.L. Beck, T. Urathamakul, C.D Nguyen, J.B. Aldrich-Wright, J.P. Mackay and S.F. Ralph, “A Mass Spectrometric Investigation of the Ability of Metal Complexes to Modulate Transcription Factor Activity”, Chemical Communications, 5546 (2009).
  • T. Urathamakul, D.J. Walker, J.L. Beck, T.B. Aldrich-Wright and S.F. Ralph, “Comparison of Mass Spectrometry and other Techniques for Probing Interactions Between Metal Complexes and DNA”, Inorg. Chem., 47, 6621 (2008).
  • J. Talib, C. Green, K.J. Davis, T. Urathamakul, J.L. Beck, J.R. Aldrich-Wright and S.F. Ralph, “A Comparison of the Binding of Metal Complexes to Duplex and Quadruplex DNA”, Dalton Transactions, 1018 (2008) – article featured on Journal front cover.


Dalton 2007 Ralph          Dalton 2008 Ralph

Current Students


  • Luke Sweetman  Nanofiltration using Carbon Nanotube Membranes.
  • Shannon Little Electrocatalytic properties of nanostructured CNT materials.
  • Marceline Neg Alsieh  Environmental Applications of Conducting Polymers.
  • Kimberley Davis  Probing the Biological Activity of Metallointercalators.


  • Lloyd James  Big Cages for Small Metal Ions 

Suggested Topics for Future Students

  • Metal ion Chemistry of Me8Tricosane, an Expanded Hexaamine Cage Ligand.
  • Selective Filtration of Biomolecules using Carbon Nanotube Membranes.
  • Novel Anticancer Approaches: Metal Complexes that Bind Selectively to less Common DNA Secondary Structures.
  • Biological Interactions and Cellular Localisation of Gold Antiarthritic Agents.

Abbreviated CV
  • B.Sc (Hons) University of Queensland.
  • PhD University of Queensland.
  • Postdoctoral fellow, University of Illinois.
  • ARC Postdoctoral fellow, Australian National University.


Last reviewed: 18 December, 2017