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School of Biology Research

Research in Biological Sciences at Wollongong spans many fields. The main areas are:

  • Terrestrial Ecology
  • Cell Biology and Biotechnology
  • Animal Physiology & Systematics
  • Plant Physiology and Molecular Biology

Our researchers include academic staff, research associates, PhD and Masters research students and honours students, as well as a range of collaborators in other institutions such as the National Parks and Wildlife Service, NSW Agriculture, the John Curtin School of Medical Research.

Doctor of Philosophy

PhD candidates undertake in-depth research in order to make an original contribution to the body of knowledge in Biological Sciences. This qualification can lead to, or enhance, an academic career.
Entry requirements: Honours degree of at least four years' duration in a relevant discipline at Class II, Division 2 or higher (or equivalent).
Candidates for this degree enrol in Doctor of Philosophy and undertake a research project in one of the areas listed above. Intending students should view the Biology Contacts to identify suitable supervisors and contact the Postgraduate Coordinator in the School of Biological Sciences if there are any additional queries.

Featured Research

CMB ResearchCentre for Medical and Molecular Bioscience

The Centre for Medical and Molecular Bioscience brings together a multidisciplinary team of chemists and biologists  with a common interest in the molecular basis of disease and disease prevention from the School of Chemistry and School of Biological Sciences at the University of Wollongong.CMB researchers collaborate closely on exciting research programs focused primarily in three key areas:

  • Anti-microbial agents - targeted at new anti-bacterials and vaccines
  • Age-related diseases - investigation of cataract, neurodegenerative and inflammatory disorders
  • Cancer - new therapeutics for breast and prostate cancer

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