Health & Safety

In case of emergency call:
4221-4900 (x4900) or dial #1 from any campus security telephone
For security escorts or enquiries call: 4221-4555 (x4555)

Emergency services i.e. Ambulance/Police or Fire dial 000 or
0-000 from a University phone. 

Field Work Information

  1. Fieldwork Flow Chart [PDF]
  2. SafetyNet
  3. Fieldwork Risk Assessment - How to Guide [PDF]
  4. UOW Fieldwork Guidelines [PDF]
  5. Field Participant Acknowledgement Form [PDF}
  6. Unpaid Work Engagement Form [PDF]
  7. Complete an CSES Vehicle induction (if using vehicles) 
  8. Field work undertaken in association with another 'domestic' organisation {PDF}

Remote Field Work 

Remote field work relates to (1) Medical assistance is more than 1hr away, (2) Low mobile phone coverage - full signal not guaranteed, (3) No vehicle access (i.e. bushwalk).

  1. Field Emergency Action Plan [PDF]
  2. EPIRB Field Work Emergency Register [PDF]

Marine Based Field Work

  1. Marine Emergency Action Plan (MEAP) [PDF]
  2. EPIRB Field Work Emergency Register [PDF]
  3. SCUBA diving operations manual [PDF]
  4. SCUBA Dive Form [PDF]
  5. Diver Proposal for SCUBA [PDF]
  6. Snorkeller Form [PDF]
  7. Boat Use Form  [PDF]
  8. Kayak Form [PDF]
  9. Boat Trip Log  [PDF]
  10. Safety Management System  [PDF]
  11. MAARA Operation and Emergency Procedures (MOEP) [PDF]
  12. MOEP Quick Reference Guide [PDF]
  13. Kayak Safety Guidelines [PDF]

Additional marine and remote field based documents 
Go to to self enrol
Select: SMAH Workplace Health and Safety induction (TRNG224_14)

General Forms and Documents

CSES 4WD and School vehicle hire procedures [PDF]


For further information please contact:

Alan Champion
Operations Manager
02 4221 4808

Melinda Chylinski
Health & Safety Advisor (WHS Unit)
02 4221 4365

Margaret Phillips (Mon,Tues,Thurs)
BioSafety Officer
02 4221 5148   


Last reviewed: 29 March, 2019