School Contact Details

Building 35 - Biological Science (access)T: +61 2 4221 3013
+61 2 4221 4135

Biological Sciences - Building 35.G19
University of Wollongong
Northfields Avenue

Academic Staff

Head of School
Professor James Wallman

Senior Professors
Senior Professor David Ayre
Senior Professor Ross Bradstock
Senior Professor Sharon Robinson
Senior Professor Mark Wilson

Professor Andy Davis
Professor Mark Dowton
Professor Heath Ecroyd
Professor Kristine French
Professor Brett Garner
Professor Marie Ranson

Associate Professors
Associate Professor Phillip Byrne
Associate Professor Tracey Kuit
Associate Professor Todd Minchinton
Associate Professor Martina Sanderson-Smith
Associate Professor Ron Sluyter

Senior Lecturers
Dr Katarina Mikac
Dr Lezanne Ooi
Dr Marian Wong
Dr Ren Zhang

Dr Alyson Ashe
Dr Bethany Hoye
Dr David Abrego Padilla

Associate Lecturers
Dr Johanna Turnbull
Dr Melinda Waterman

Professorial Fellow
Dr Justin Yerbury

Senior Research Fellow
Dr Owen Price

Research Fellows
Dr Hamish Clarke
Dr Anastasia Dalziell (VCs Post Doctoral Research Fellow)
Dr Martin Engel
Dr Christopher Friesen (VCs Post Doctoral Research Fellow)
Dr Emily Howells (VCs Post Doctoral Research Fellow)
Dr Meaghan Jenkins
Dr Natalie Matosin (NHMRC Early Career Fellow)
Dr Kara Perrow
Dr Joshua Whittaker
Dr Philip Zylstra

Research Associates
Dr Kimberly Maute

Associate Research Fellows
Mr Chris Gordon
Dr Megan Kelly
Dr Diane Ly
Doctor Neville Ng
Dr Aimee Silla

Honorary Appointments
Dr Michael Ashcroft (Honorary Visiting Fellow)
Dr Bruce Ashford (Honorary Clinical Fellow)
Professor Tony Auld (Honorary Professorial Fellow)
Professor William Buttemer (Honorary Professor)
Dr Luke Collins (Honorary Fellow)
Mr Andrew Denham (Honorary Senior Fellow)
Dr Amy-Marie Gilpin (Honorary Associate Fellow)
Dr Ben Gooden (Honorary Fellow)
Professor Tony Hulbert (Honorary Professorial Fellow)
Dr Hongyun Li (Honorary Fellow)
Dr Ross Lilley (Honorary Principal Fellow)
Professor Thomas Madsen (Honorary Professorial Fellow)
Dr Jason McArthur (Honorary Senior Fellow)
Dr Brandon Mahan (Visiting Associate Fellow)
Miss Jennifer Mesa Marin (Visiting Associate Fellow)
Dr Rebecca Miller (Honorary Fellow)
Dr Terry O'Dwyer (Honorary Fellow)
Professor Mats Olsson (Honorary Professorial Fellow)
Dr Mark Ooi (Honorary Fellow)
Professor Charles Osmond (Honorary Professor)
Mr David Abrego Padilla (Visiting Fellow)
Dr Cecile Perrin (Honorary Fellow)
Beatriz Duguy Pedra (Visiting Fellow)
Dr Rachel Przeslawski (Honorary Fellow)
Dr Natalie Rosser (Visiting Fellow)
Dr Paul Story (Honorary Associate Fellow)
Carola Thoni (Honorary Fellow)

Dr Debbie Watson (Honorary Fellow)
Professor Rob Whelan (Honorary Professorial Fellow)
Dr Amy Wyatt (Honorary Senior Fellow)