Owen Price

Dr Owen Price

PhD, ANU Australia, MSc, Strathclyde UK, BSc, York UK

Phone:        +61 2 4221 5424
Office:         B35.120C


  • Senior Research Fellow

Research Interests

  • Bushfire Risk management, Bushfire smoke, Fire Ecology, Landscape ecology, Spatial Analysis, Conservation Biology.

Representative Publications 

Barker, JW, Price, OF (2018) Positive severity feedback between consecutive fires in dry eucalypt forests of southern Australia. Ecosphere 9(3) e02110

Price, OF, Horsey, B, Jiang, N (2016) Local and regional smoke impacts from prescribed fires. Natural Hazards and Earth System Science 16, 2247-2257

Price, OF, Gordon, CE (2016) The potential for LiDAR technology to map fire fuel hazard over large areas of forest. Journal of Environmental Management 181, 663-673

Storey, M., Price, O., Tasker, E (2016). The role of weather, past fire and topography on crown fire occurrence across NSW. International Journal of Wildland Fire 25 (10), 1048:1060.

Williamson, G, Bowman, D, Price, O, Henderson, S, Johnston, F (2016) Can managing fire regimes reduce the human health impacts of smoke exposure? Environmental Research Letters 11, 125009

Price, O.F, Penman, T.D, Bradstock, R.A, Boer, M, Clarke, H (2015) Biogeographical variation in the potential effectiveness of prescribed fire in south‐eastern Australia. Journal of Biogeography 40 (11), 2234-2245.

Price, O.F. (2015) The potential role of ignition management in reducing unplanned burning in Arnhem Land, Australia. Austral Ecology 40 857-868.

Price, O.F, Borah, R, Bradstock, R, Penman, T (2015) An empirical wildfire risk analysis: the probability of a fire spreading to the urban interface in Sydney, Australia. International Journal of Wildland fire 24(5) 597-606.

Price, O.F, Pausas, JC, Govender, N, Flannigan, M, Fernandes, P.M, Brooks, M.L, Bird, R.B (2015) Global patterns in fire leverage: the response of annual area burnt to previous fire. International Journal of Wildland Fire 24 (3), 297-306.

Bradstock, R, Penman, T, Boer, M, Price, O, Clarke, H (2014) Divergent responses of fire to recent warming and drying across south-eastern Australia Global Change Biology 20 1214-1228

Price, OF, Bradstock, R (2013) Landscape scale influences of forest area and housing density on house loss in the 2009 Victorian bushfires. Plos One 8 (8), e73421

Price OF, Bradstock R, Keeley JE, Syphard AD (2012) Antecedent fire area has no effect on wildfire area in coastal southern California. Journal of Environmental Management, 113, 301-307.

Price OF, Bradstock R (2012) The efficacy of fuel treatment in mitigating property loss during wildfires: insights from analysis of the severity of the catastrophic fires in 2009 in Victoria, Australia. Journal of Environmental Management 113, 146-157.

Price O, Russell-Smith J, Watt F (2012) The influence of prescribed fire on the extent of unplanned fire in savanna landscapes of western Arnhem Land, Australia. International Journal of Wildland Fire. 21, 297-305.

Price O (2012) The drivers of effectiveness of prescribed fire treatment. Forest Science 58(6) 606-617

Bradstock, RA, Cary, GJ, Davies, I, Lindenmayer, DB, Price, O, Williams, RJ (2012) Wildfires, fuel treatment and risk mitigation in Australian eucalypt forests: insights from landscape-scale simulation. Journal of Environmental Management 105, 66-75.

Bradstock, R.A., Boer, M.M., Cary, G.J., Price, O.F., Williams, R.J., Barrett, D., Cook, G., Gill, A.M., Hutley, L.B., Keith, H., Maier, S.W., Meyer, M., Roxburgh, S.H., Russell-Smith, J., (2012). Modelling the potential for prescribed burning to mitigate emissions from fire-prone, Australian ecosystems. International Journal of Wildland Fire, 21(6), 629-639.

Price, O. F., and R. Bradstock (2011). The influence of weather and fuel management on the annual extent of unplanned fires in the Sydney region of Australia. International Journal of Wildland Fire 20, 142-151.

Price O. F., and Bradstock R (2010). The effect of fuel age on the spread of fire in sclerophyll forest in the Sydney region of Australia. International Journal of Wildland Fire 19, 35-45.

Price, O. F., A. C. Edwards, and J. Russell-Smith. (2007). Efficacy of permanent firebreaks and aerial prescribed burning in western Arnhem Land, NorthernTerritory, Australia. International Journal of Wildland Fire, 16: 295-303.

Price, O. F. (2006). Frugivorous bird movements among fragmented rainforests  in the Northern Territory, Australia. Wildlife Research, 33(6), 521-528

Price, O. F., J. C. Z. Woinarski, and D. Robinson (1999). Large area requirements for frugivorous birds in monsoon rainforests of the Northern Territory, Australia. Biological Conservation. 91: 169-180

Searchable publications

Current Students

  • Katie Collins (PhD) Fire prevention measures to mitigate bushfire risk
  • Michael Story (PhD) Empirical analysis of spot-fire and firebrand behaviour during extreme fire weather conditions
  • James Barker (PhD) Severity and flammability feedbacks in SE Australian forest fire regimes

Future Topics for Students

  • Measuring and modelling the impact from prescribed and wildfire smoke
  • Optimal spatial design for prescribed fire treatments
  • Lightning as a driver of ‘natural’ fire regimes
  • The effectiveness of bushfire mitigation strategies
  • Optimal fire regimes for wildlife
  • Historical fire regimes

Abbreviated CV


  • PhD (1998, ANU Australia): Frugivorous bird movement and the conservation of monsoon rainforests in the Northern Territory, Australia
  • MSc (1986, Strathclyde, UK): Information Technology
  • BSc (1985, York, UK): Biology


  • 2007 – Current: Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Environmental Risk Management of Bushfires, University of Wollongong.
  • 1992 – 2007: Senior Scientist, Biodiversity Conservation Division, Department of Natural Resources, Environment The Arts and Sport, Northern Territory Government.
  • 1988 – 1991: Research Assistant, Large Animal Research Group, University of Cambridge, U.K. 


30 years as a research scientist, mostly in conservation biology and bushfire risk. Projects included regional conservation planning, movement patterns and resource use by frugivorous birds, impacts of habitat fragmentation, population modelling, spatial fire simulation modelling, statistical and spatial analysis of aspects of fire behaviour, fire risk and risk reduction strategies.

Approximately 120 publications in total, of which 30 are first authorship in international journals..

Last reviewed: 14 May, 2018