Mark Ooi 2012

Dr Mark Ooi

PhD UOW, MSc (Hons) UOW, Bachelor of Environmental Science, UOW

Phone:      +61 2 4252 8209
Office:        B35.108A


  • Honorary/Visiting Fellow

Research Interests

  • Seed ecology – dormancy, germination and seed bank dynamics
  • Plant ecology – including fire-driven dynamics
  • Impacts of climate change
  • Conservation biology

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Recent Publications

Doxford S.W., Ooi M.K.J. & Freckleton R.P. (2013) Spatial and temporal variability in positive and negative plant-bryophyte interactions along a latitudinal gradient. Journal of Ecology 101, 465-474.

Thompson K. & Ooi M.K.J. (2013) Germination and dormancy breaking: two different things. Seed Science Research 23, 1.

Ooi M.K.J. (2012) Seed bank persistence and climate change. Seed Science Research 22, S53-S60.

Swab R.M., Regan H.M., Keith D.A., Regan T.J., Ooi M.K.J. (2012) Niche models tell half the story: spatial context and life history traits influence species responses to climate change. Journal of Biogeography  39, 1266-1277.

Ooi M.K.J., Auld T.D. & Denham A.J. (2012) Projected soil temperature increase and seed dormancy response along an altitudinal gradient: implications for seed bank persistence under climate change. Plant and Soil 353, 289-303.

Thompson K. & Ooi M.K.J. (2010) To germinate or not to germinate: more than just a question of dormancy. Seed Science Research 20, 209-211.

Santana V.M., Bradstock R.A., Ooi M.K.J., Denham A.J., Auld T.D. & Baeza M.J. (2010) Effects of soil temperature regimes after fire on seed dormancy and germination in six Australian Fabaceae species. Australian Journal of Botany 58, 539-545.

Ooi M.K.J. (2010) Delayed emergence and post-fire recruitment success: effects of seasonal germination, fire season and dormancy type. Australian Journal of Botany 58, 248-256.

Auld T.D., Hutton I., Ooi M.K.J. & Denham A.J. (2010) Disruption of recruitment in two endemic palms on Lord Howe Island by invasive rats. Biological Invasions 12, 3351-3361.

Ooi M.K.J., Auld T.D. & Denham A.J. (2009) Climate change and bet-hedging: interactions between increased soil temperatures and seed bank persistence. Global Change Biology 15, 2375 – 2386.

Auld T.D. & Ooi M.K.J. (2009) Heat increases germination of water-permeable seeds of obligate-seeding Darwinia species (Myrtaceae). Plant Ecology 200, 117-127.

Ooi M.K.J. (2007) Dormancy classification and potential dormancy-breaking cues for shrub species from fire-prone south-eastern Australia. In: Seeds: Biology, Development and Ecology (eds S.W. Adkins, S. Ashmore and S.C. Navie), pp. 205-216. CAB International, Wallingford.

Ooi M.K.J., Auld T.D. & Whelan R.J. (2007) Soil seed bank longevity of three shrub species from south-eastern Australia: distinguishing between dormancy and persistence in a fire-prone region. Journal of Vegetation Science 18, 405-412.

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Searchable publications

Current PhD students

  • Alice Hudson   The relative importance of genetic diversity and phenotypic plasticity as determinants of germination in the face of climate change (co-supervised with David Ayre (UOW) and Tony Auld from the Office of Environment & Heritage)
  • Berin Mackenzie  The role of seasonal and fire cues in dormancy and germination of Boronia (Rutaceae): implications for population persistence under a changing climate (based at University of NSW, joint-supervisors David Keith and Tony Auld)
  • Ganesha Liyanage  - TBA

Future Topics for Students

I am happy to discuss any ideas for future projects and have a particular interest in:

  • Seed dormancy and germination – including fire and/or seasonal cues
  • The impact of climate change on plant population dynamics
  • The impact of all aspects of the fire regime on plant population dynamics

Abbreviated CV

Academic and Research Appointments

  • ARC Research Fellow, School of Biological Sciences, University of Wollongong, 2011 - present
  • Research Associate, Department of Animal & Plant Sciences, University of Sheffield, UK, 2007 – 2011
  • Research Scientist, Plant Ecology Unit, Department of Environment & Climate Change (NSW), 2006 – 2008
  • Project Officer (Research), Scientific Committee/Plant Ecology Unit, NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service, Australia, 1998 – 2003


  • PhD (APAI Scholar, Department of Environment & Climate Change/University of Wollongong) 2007
  • MSc (Hons), University of Wollongong, 2003
  • Bachelor of Environmental Science, University of Wollongong, 1990
Last reviewed: 28 March, 2017