Andy Davis 2011

Professor Andy Davis

PhD (Zoology) University of Adelaide, MSc (Hons) & BSc University of Auckland

Lab Phone: +61 2 4221 4370
Lab: B35.G01B and C
Office Phone: +61 2 4221 3432
Office: B35.G01D

Botrylloides Magnicoecum
colonial ascidian Botrylloides magnicoecum NSW South coast 

Six Spined Leatherjacket
Six spined leatherjacket Meuschenia freycineti NSW South coast


  • Professor in Biology

Research Interests

  • Human impacts on natural systems, including the impact of introduced marine pests
  • Impacts of multiple stressors on aquatic biota
  • Influence of the seascape and animal movements on MPA design
  • Defensive strategies in marine invertebrates

Representative Publications

Davis A.R & A. Broad (2016) Environment: Curb anchor scour for green shipping. Nature 533: 36 doi:10.1038/533036a

Davis A.R., A. Broad W. Gullett, J. Reveley, C. Steele & C. Schofield (2016) Anchors Away? The Impacts of Anchor Scour by Ocean-Going Vessels and Potential Response Options. Marine Policy 73: 1-7

Rees M.J., N.A. Knott, G.V. Fenech & A.R. Davis (2015) Rules of attraction: enticing pelagic fish to mid-water remote underwater video systems (RUVS). Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser. 529: 213-218.

Davis A.R., de Mestre C., Maher W., Krikowa F. & A. Broad (2014) Sponges as sentinels: metal accumulation using transplanted sponges across a metal gradient. Env. Tox. Chem. 33: 2818-2825.

Davis A.R., Coleman D., Broad A., M. Byrne M., S.A. Dworjanyn & R. Przeslawski (2013) Complex responses of intertidal molluscan embryos to a warming and acidifying ocean in the presence of UV radiation. PLoSONE 8(2) e55939

Searchable Publications List

Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Dr Emily Howells, University of Wollongong, Vice-Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Research Fellowship ‘Keeping pace with global warming: Can threatened coral populations adapt quickly enough?’ (co-supervised by Prof. David Ayre).

Current Students


  • Kye Adams, ‘Conservation Status of Australian Elasmobranchs’ (co-supervised by Dr Nathan Knott, Marine Parks Authority)
  • Allison Broad 'Anchor scour impacts of commercial vessels near Australian Ports' (co-supervised by Dr Matt Rees, AIMS)
  • Carole Cordonis, ‘Pattern and process in rocky shore sponges’
  • Mavis Depaune - 'Blue carbon, fish and fisheries' (co-supervised by Dr Kerrylee Rogers, UOW)
  • Chantel Steele, ‘Deep water habitat mapping & the impacts of large vessels anchoring offshore from Australian ports’ (co-supervised by Dr Tim Ingleton, OEH)
  • Daniel Swadling, ‘Seasape Effects on Temperate Zone Fishes’ (co-supervised by Dr Nathan Knott, Marine Parks Authority)
  • Caitlin Woods - 'Predictive Mapping of Biodiversity on Remote, Intertidal Reefs' (co-supervised by Dr Kirsten Benkendorff, SCU)


  • Clare McKenzie, Project title: The utility of microalgae in biofuels (co-supervised by Dr Pia Winberg, UOW)


  • Ella Strachan, ‘Local Marine Management Areas on Gau Island, Fiji’ (co-supervised by Dr Aurelie Delisle, ANCORS)

Recent PhD completions

  • 2017 - Lachlan Fetterplace, ‘The ecology of temperate soft sediment fishes: Implications for fisheries management and marine protected area design (co-supervised by Dr Nathan Knott, Marine Parks Authority)
  • 2017 - Matt Rees, ‘Incorporating seascape ecology into the design and assessment of marine protected areas (co-supervised by Dr Nathan Knott, Marine Parks Authority)
  • 2016 - Lauren Cole, ‘Cut adrift: the distribution and abundance of rafting algae and it’s associated fauna now and in a future ocean’
  • 2016 - Marie-Clare Demers, ‘Pattern and process in a threatened seagrass community: dynamics and habitat use by sessile epifaunal invertebrates in Posidonia australis’ (co-supervised by Dr Nathan Knott, Marine Parks Authority)
  • 2016 - Jessica Holan, ’Sensitivity of subantarctic marine invertebrates to metal contamination’ (co-supervised by Dr Cath King, Australian Antarctic Division)
  • 2016 - Laura Lopez, ‘ The context-dependency of predator-prey and competitive interactions between the invasive eastern mosquitofish, Gambusia holbrooki, and native Australian freshwater fauna’ (co-supervised by Dr Marian Wong, UOW)

Suggested Topics for Future Students 

‘Life Cycle Analysis’ (LCA) of shipping impacts near ports

Effects of shipping and anchoring on the marine ‘soundscape’

Habitat requirements and threats to freshwater crayfish – Euastacus spp.

Abiotic determinants of rocky shore biodiversity

Does exposure of adult invertebrates to conditions anticipated under climate change affect the provisioning and performance of their offspring?

Shifts in biota with entrance management of coastal lakes

Student Awards 

ESA Nature Conservancy Applied Conservation Award: Lachlan Fetterplace, Matt Rees

Excellence in Bachelor of Marine Science Honours: Daniel Swadling, Rhiannon Kiggins, Lachlan Fetterplace, Daniel Coleman

Jim Campbell Award for best School of Biological Sciences Honours: Maiko Lutz, Amanda Watson

Alan Sefton award for best Environmental Science Honours thesis: Matt Kindred 

Abbreviated CV

Academic Degrees

  • PhD (Zoology) University of Adelaide, Australia, 1987
  • MSc (Hons -1st class) University of Auckland, New Zealand, 1982
  • B.Sc (Zoology major) University of Auckland, New Zealand, 1980

Academic and Research Appointments

  • 2014 - present Professor in Biology, University of Wollongong
  • 2014 International Visiting Scholar (Inaugural) Leigh Marine Lab., University of Auckland
  • 2006 Distinguished Visiting Scholar, University of Canberra
  • 2000 Associate Professor in Biology, University of Wollongong
  • 1996 Visiting Research Fellow - Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences 


Bowen Island panorama
Field Work NSW South Coast

Last reviewed: 7 March, 2018