Hulbert Professor Tony Hulbert  

School of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health, University of Wollongong


Educated at the University of New South Wales (BSc Hons Class I, PhD), followed by a CSIRO postdoctoral fellowship Cornell University in the US. In 1975 took up a lectureship in Biology at the University of Wollongong. Since that time, I have had also spent significant research time at University of California Irvine, Stanford University, Columbia University, as well as Cambridge University, University College London and the Spanish Research Council. Awards and honours include a D.Sc. from UNSW (2002), Brenda Ryman Fellow at Cambridge University (1998), Underwood Fellow at University College London (2002), Fulbright Senior Scholar Fellowship (2005) and the Clarke Medal for distinguished research in zoology by the Royal Society of NSW (2006).

Research Focus

I am interested in the role of membrane lipids in determining the metabolic rate and the lifespan of animals. I am especially interested in the balance between omega-3 and omeg-6 fats in the diet and their role in the development of insulin resistance and obesity. I am also interested in what determines the maximum lifespan that is distinctive for each species. The interest in metabolism and membranes includes examination of the role of thyroid hormones in regulating membrane composition and metabolism as well as the potential that these “hormones” are also important membrane antioxidants.

Research Communication

I have published over 120 publications including more than 27 reviews. Since 2000, these include invited reviews in Biological Reviews (2), Annual Review of Physiology, Physiological Reviews, Comparative Biochemistry & Physiology, Journal of Experimental Biology and Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care. I am currently an Associate Editor of Comparative Biochemistry & Physiology (since 2002) and an editorial board member for Journal of Comparative Physiology.

Research Support

Over the years the main support for my research has come from grants from the Australian Research Council and the National Health and Medical Research Council. Currently I have an ARC grant (with P.L. Else) to investigate “Food supply, diet and membrane lipids and the determination of metabolic rate” and an ARC grant (with W.A. Buttemer) to investigate the role of membrane lipids in the exceptional longevity of birds as well as experiments using insects (honeybees and blowflies) as animal models to test the connections between membrane composition and longevity.

RIS Publications


Last reviewed: 22 August, 2018