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Welcome to the School of Biological Sciences

James Wallman

Biology, being the study of life and living systems, covers a huge range of scientific enquiry. It ranges from the study of the molecules of living systems, how molecules interact in cells, how cells interact in tissues, how tissues interact in organisms, how organisms interact in populations, how species interact in ecosystems (both terrestrial and marine), and how ecosystems form the biosphere. 

As a School of Biological Sciences, we cover a broad range of topics both in our research and in our teaching. Because all of our teaching staff are involved in world-class research, all students receive an up-to-date curriculum of international standard. We are a dynamic and friendly School and actively encourage student involvement with biological research.

Whether you are a student looking for an excellent undergraduate education in biological science, a prospective postgraduate looking to extend your biological experience by undertaking further coursework, or a postgraduate seeking a research degree, as Head I extend a warm welcome to you all. Please peruse this website to explore the teaching and research areas of our School, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 

James Wallman
Head of School 

Last reviewed: 2 May, 2017