Student Health Alliance for Rural Populations (SHARP)

SHARP Membership

What are the benefits of being a SHARP member?

SHARP membership is only $10 and covers the whole of your degree. As a SHARP member, you receive:

  • a free SHARP T-shirt
  • regular email to stay in touch with SHARP and NRHSN activities and find out about events and activities you can get involved in
  • information about rural bursaries, placement programs and scholarships
  • your copy of “When Cowpat Hits the Windmill” and “Rural Placements Guide”
  • COOEE! newsletter every March and October
  • discounts to some SHARP events
  • automatic membership of the NRHSN, representing over 9,000 members across Australia who are studying medicine, nursing or allied health with a common interest in rural, remote and Indigenous health
  • eligibility to apply to represent SHARP at national conferences related to areas of rural/remote health and the different medical, nursing and allied health professions
  • opportunities to participate in community focused events and rural/outback trips to promote health and education particularly to youth in rural and remote areas
Sign me up!
  1. Visit SHARP’s student member portal at
  2. Click on the “Join Now” tab and fill out the online form
  3. Drop into Kay’s office (41.237) with your $10 membership fee and your online membership will then be approved. You can pick up your SHARP T-shirt at the same time. Easy!

When your online membership is approved, the online student member portal will enable you to:

  • Contact other members from SHARP
  • Create a Bio other members can view
  • Keep your details updated to ensure you don’t miss out on great opportunities
  • Become an Alumni Member when you graduate
Did you join SHARP in 2010 or earlier?

In 2011, the National Rural Health Students’ Network (NRHSN) introduced the NRHSN Membership Database to have a consistent way for members to join one of the 29 rural health clubs nationwide. If you joined SHARP prior in 2010 or earlier, you must renew your membership and register onto this database to continue to be involved. To do so, follow steps 1-2 under the “Sign me up!” section above.

Looking for a SHARP shirt?

Join the fun and look SHARP in your SHARP T-shirt! The SHARP shirt you receive when you first sign up is free. You can purchase additional shirts for just $10 each. The shirts come in S, M, L, XL and XXL sizes. To organise getting yours, email Kay.

Have you graduated?

If you have, you can join the National Rural Health Students’ Network (NRHSN) Alumni. Find out how to join the Alumni

Last reviewed: 27 August, 2015