School of Earth and Environmental Sciences

School of Earth and Environmental Sciences

At the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences we are leaders in our field, nationally and internationally. We ensure that our graduates have real world skills to tackle current and future global challenges. Our students have access to rare specialist equipment and techniques, and opportunities to acquire practical and application-based learning through fieldwork. Our academic staff are committed to designing educational experiences that are engaging, challenging and relevant. Our degrees are taught by staff at the forefront of their fields of research, and this shines through in the quality of our graduates.

Mawson Medal awarded to scientist for lifetime achievements 

Colin Murray-WilsonScientist honoured for research on how marine environments respond to climate and sea-level changes.

A UOW academic’s lifetime contribution to earth sciences has been acknowledged with the announcement that he is the recipient of the Australian Academy of Science’s 2016 Mawson Medal and Lecture. 

Professor Colin Murray-Wallace will officially receive his award (commemorating the work of the late geologist and Antarctic explorer Sir Douglas Mawson) in May 2016 when he joins other national award recipients at the Science at the Shine Dome event in Canberra. 

Kerrylee RogersStudy finds mangroves could be under water by 2070

Many of the world’s mangrove forests may not survive sea-level rise, a study published in Nature has found.

About two-thirds of Indo-Pacific mangrove forests may not have sufficient sediment available to survive predicted sea-level rise, a new paper published in Nature suggests

The study, involving researchers around the world, including Dr Kerrylee Rogers from UOW’s School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, suggests that management of the coast, and particularly of the river systems that deliver much of the sediment to the region, is essential for the survival of mangrove forests.

The Mike Morwood Memorial Website

A dedicated website has been developed and will be used as a memorial to Mike and the legacy he has left. Visit Mike's memorial website.