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Prestigious new fellowship to allow for more Hobbit discoveries

Ten years ago today (28 October), the leading international journal of science, Nature, published two controversial papers announcing the discovery of a new human species (Homo floresiensis) in Liang Bua cave in Flores, Indonesia. The fossil find was dubbed the ‘Hobbit’ due to its tiny stature, and the unexpected news that another species of human had walked among us until relatively recently stunned the world. 

To honour UOW researchers who, with colleagues in Indonesia, discovered this one metre-tall archaic human, UOW is using the 10-year anniversary to announce the Michael J. Morwood Fellowship. This prestigious postdoctoral fellowship is named in memory of Professor Mike Morwood, the UOW archaeologist who co-led the Hobbit project team until his death last year.

The Mike Morwood Memorial Website

A dedicated website has been developed and will be used as a memorial to Mike and the legacy he has left. Visit Mike's memorial website.