Faculty Development Program

Faculty Development Program

The mission of the Faculty Development Program (FDP) is to facilitate and promote the development of highly skilled teachers within the UOW Graduate School of Medicine (GSM) through scholarship, leadership, and innovation.

The intended audience of the Faculty Development Program is all GSM faculty members who are involved in the design, delivery and assessments of the UOW MBBS. GSM full-time, part-time and casual staff and honorary clinicians are expected complete the Orientation to Medical Education module; all curriculum-specific module(s) relevant to their assigned teaching responsibilities; and, participate in the quality assurance and evaluation processes established through the GSM’s Quality Assurance & Evaluation Committee.

The FDP model (illustrated below) is comprised of a series of training modules arranged from the centre outwards in conceptual groups. Following compulsory orientation workshops, Faculty can pursue any combination that suits their individual needs, working outwards.

FDP Model

The Faculty Development Program aims to:

  • Provide modules and workshops that support the UOW MBBS curriculum and enhance faculty skills in relevant teaching, education and assessment domains.
  • Be supported by effective educational resources and an Online Learning Environment.
  • Enable UOW academic staff to assume leadership roles in curriculum development and implementation; teaching and learning materials evaluation and revision; assessment materials development; and, course evaluation implementation.
  • Provide ‘train the trainer’ opportunities to enable key staff to develop the necessary skills to lead and/or contribute to the faculty development activities in the future.
  • Provide opportunities for faculty to articulate to further accreditation in education.
  • Encourage research in medical education and evaluation throughout the Graduate School of Medicine.

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Last reviewed: 29 November, 2013