CMMB’s basic cancer research and drug development grouping works on understanding the biological processes underlying cancer progression, and develops methods for cancer prevention, detection and treatment. They use a range of cell and molecular biology techniques, medicinal chemistry and preclinical animal models to meet the demand for novel anti-cancer drug testing and research leading to a range of innovative cancer treatment options.

CMMB researchers use a wide range of modern techniques and instrumentation to undertake their research. In particular, our unique mass spectrometry facilities are providing new insights into biomolecular interactions involved in disease states or their prevention. 

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The Centre for Oncology Education and Research Translation (CONCERT)
2014 Cancer Institute NSW Translational Cancer Research Centre (TCRC).
CMMB Investigators: Professor Marie Ranson (Executive Committee Member), Dr Carolyn Dillon, Associate Professor Michael Kelso, Dr Kara Perrow, Associate Professor Danielle Skropeta

Project Title: Repurposing Amiloride into Breast Cancer Drugs with a Dual-Targeting Mechanism
2016 NHMRC Project Grant
CMMB Investigators: Associate Professor Michael Kelso and Professor Marie Ranson

Project Title: Specific targeting of Treg cells using immunomodulatory nanoparticles as adjuvant therapy for triple negative breast cancer
2016 National Breast Cancer Grant
CMMB Investigator: Dr Kara Perrow

Project Title: Design and application of new nanomaterials theranostic platforms for targeted treatment of cancer
2015 NHMRC Project Grant
CMMB Investigator: Dr Moeava Tehei

Project Title: Epigenetic regulation by lysine specific demethylases in breast cancer stem cells
2014 NHMRC Project Grant
CMMB Investigator: Associate Professor Aaron Oakley 

Last reviewed: 13 October, 2016