School of Chemistry

School of Chemistry

Chemistry touches almost every aspect of our existence, and will be an essential part of solutions to global issues in health, materials, and energy usage.  UOW was recently ranked in the top 150 institutions for the field of chemistry in the QS World University Rankings, Staff at UOW recognise the real world skills that employers require, and ensure that our students receive a quality hands-on laboratory experience as they learn. Our degrees are taught by staff at the forefront of their fields of research, which shines through in the quality of our graduates.

Adam Trevitt3 August:
Chemists create new super base

Australian scientists report world record-breaking chemistry discovery. 

Australian chemists have broken the world record for the strongest base, a finding that could influence battery and fuel cell technologies as well as the design of novel functional materials. 

The discovery by researchers at UOW’s Laser Chemistry Lab in collaboration with Queensland University of Technology, the Australian National University and the University of Sydney, has caused chemists to rewrite the super-base league table for the second time in 30 years.

Associate Professor Adam Trevitt, from the School of Chemistry, who worked on the discovery led by former UOW DECRA fellow Dr Berwyck Poad, said the finding relates to the well-known pH scale that measures the acidic or basic (alkaline) nature of a system. Read more...

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