School of Chemistry

School of Chemistry

Chemistry touches almost every aspect of our existence, and will be an essential part of solutions to global issues in health, materials, and energy usage.  UOW was recently ranked in the top 150 institutions for the field of chemistry in the QS World University Rankings, Staff at UOW recognise the real world skills that employers require, and ensure that our students receive a quality hands-on laboratory experience as they learn. Our degrees are taught by staff at the forefront of their fields of research, which shines through in the quality of our graduates.

Professor Antoine van OijenMolecular movies unlock the secret life of DNA

A new way to study the secret life of cells in order to understand disease and help develop new drugs is being pioneered at UOW. 

World-renowned biophysicist Professor Antoine van Oijen, from the School of Chemistry, is building powerful new microscopes with lasers and ultrasensitive cameras that can capture one of the processes fundamental to life: the copying of DNA. 

Cells need to copy their DNA in order to divide and multiply. This process is called DNA replication.  

It is hoped that taking a closer look at how individual proteins, the ‘housekeepers’ of the cell coordinate thousands of specialised tasks at the microscopic level, will aid better understanding of what goes wrong on the molecular and cellular level when people develop disease. 

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