School of Biological Sciences

School of Biological Sciences

Biological knowledge is crucial in our day-to-day lives, and for the long term survival of our natural environment. The School of Biological Sciences offers programs that focus on expanding human knowledge and improving our quality of life. Our degrees are current with scientific advances, just as our research centres are at the forefront of international collaborative discovery. We pride ourselves on our strong connection between research, researchers and teaching, and know the importance of ensuring our graduates have the skills that employers require. This is why there is such a strong demand for our graduates amongst Medical Research Institutes.

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Tiny insects make huge contribution to understanding science

A one-hour TV documentary featuring  UOW biologist, Associate Professor James Wallman, and the much-maligned spoiler of the Australian summer, the fly, is a finalist in this year’s Australian Museum Eureka Prizes.

Part social history, part scientific study, the documentary ‘The Great Australian Fly’, showed how the tiny and misunderstood insects are confounding our scientists, influencing our lifestyle and defining the way we speak. 

It has been nominated as a Eureka Prize finalist in the category of Best Science Journalism. The Eureka Prize was established in 1990 to reward outstanding achievements in Australian science and science communication and are the country’s most comprehensive national science awards.

Medical Biotechnology 

Medical Biotechnology Degree
This degree represents an excellent foundation for students considering postgraduate studies in medicine, medical research or other health areas.

Marine Science

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Subjects from across a range of relevant disciplines have been included together with a number of specially designed marine subjects.

Conservation Biology

Conservation Biology Frog
A practical degree aimed at producing graduates with the knowledge and skills to understand and develop strategies to minimise impact of humans on their environment.

Biological Sciences

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For those unsure of the area of biology that they wish to specialise in.  This is a flexible degree which can lead to jobs in industry or further study and research. 

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